NEXCOM PC-based Factory Automation Solution Ushers in the Era of the Connected Factory

NEXCOM PC-based Factory Automation Solution Ushers in the Era of the Connected Factory
NEXCOM International Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - NEXCOM has released the PC-based factory automation solution, NEXCOM Industrial Fieldbus Embedded System (NIFE) series, to power the connected factory. The NIFE series has integrated Ethernet, Hilscher fieldbus technologies, and CODESYS softlogic programming tools onto NEXCOM PC-based controllers. The NIFE series provides an open architecture which helps simplify the initial configuration of factory automation systems and connect the factory to the cloud, opening up opportunities to apply business insight to optimize factory operation.

The NIFE series supports mainstream fieldbus technologies including PROFINET, PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP and offers Remote I/O options. The NIFE series allows for smooth communication with field devices and equipment. Also, the NIFE series enables engineers to use the same software to perform fieldbus configuration and control algorithm programming, replicating the way a PLC controller is configured and programmed.

The NIFE series is available with different computing powers, form factors, and monitor configurations to fulfill individual requirements. For instance, the high performance NIFE 4000 based on Intel® Core processor is designed to manage a large number of control nodes or run complex control algorithms. The compact NIFE 2310 based on Intel® Atom processor is suitable for a smaller control network. The APPC and IPPC series are fieldbus-enabled industrial panel PCs enabling control and process monitoring.

In addition to control factory-wide activities, the NIFE series with Ethernet support can connect to upper control levels, making possible remote monitoring in real time and data-based decision making.

The NIFE series has acquired hardware and software verification from original manufacturers to ensure system compatibility and is a dedicated PC-based factory automation solution.

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