New Year, Acaia's New & Revisited Products Round-Up

New Year, Acaia's New & Revisited Products Round-Up

Acaia (United States) - Press Release: To kick off 2022, we are introducing three additions to our line-up!

The additions include both brand new and revisited products, including a new colorway for the Pearl 2021, a redesigned Lunar heat pad, and the Titan Brew Stand.

The Pitch Black: A different perspective for the Pearl 2021 - A brand new color for a brand new year! The Pitch Black version of our reliable pour-over scale brings the color right to the edges while losing none of the performance. This version drops the outline for a look that some might prefer, which is also similar in style to the black colorway Pearl Model S.

The rereleased Titan Brew Stand - Designed specifically for brewing methods such as the V60 and Aeropress methods, we are excited to relaunch this popular brewing accessory.

A new style of Lunar Heat Resistant Pad - This version has a pattern of indented grooves to better distribute the heat of slower pour-over brews, similar to how our Pearl heat pads perform and protect your scale.

Discover all these items now on our main websites.

We’ve got an exciting year ahead for our products line-up, so keep up to date by subscribing to our brand new monthly newsletter series or you can follow us on any of our social media accounts.

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