New Weighing Indicator BX30 from Baykon Inc.

New Weighing Indicator BX30 from Baykon Inc.

Baykon Inc. (Turkey) - Baykon, Industrial Weighing Systems company located in Istanbul, has launched BX30 and BX30D panel type advanced weighing indicators used with analog and digital load cell respectively for process control, weighing and force measurement.

BX30/30D was designed based on leading edge technology to meet customer requirements of industrial process weighing applications with its high speed, high accuracy, very powerful interfacing and excellent durability as well as its favorable price advantage.

BX30/30D is equipped with a bright, multi-color and wide angle LCD display which has 6 digits 22 mm height weighing display and 16 digits alphanumeric information display sections. 6 different user-language, bar graph, keypad with self-explanatory icons and warning / inform the operator by changing the display color features provides ease to use and set-up of the weighing system. The measurement unit can be set to g, kg, lb, klb, N, kN and none.

BX30/BX30D weighing indicators have approval up to 10000 divisions for legal in trade applications according to EN45501 and OIML R76 for single range, up to 3 x multi range and up to 3 x multi interval scales. Display resolution can be increased up to 300 000 divisions at industrial applications.

4 pieces digital inputs can be used for zeroing, taring, clear, print, hold the display, peak hold etc. and digital outputs can be programmable as free setpoints with basic, window and threshold features. BX30/30D weighing indicator has a SET memory having 500 records size and up to 5 setpoints of an item can be saved into each records. Control modes of digital outputs enable the instrument to use for sorting, filling, batching etc. at basic applications.

BX30/30D has onboard standard interfaces opto-isolated RS232, RS422, RS485, Ethernet TCP/IP and USB ports. SD card connector can be used for uploading/downloading back up of the instrument. BX30/30D has different variants based on various fieldbuses, analog output and digital input /output configurations. Variant models support most of the fieldbus in the market for process control like; Profibus, Profinet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP, Canopen, CC-Link, EtherCat, PowerNet etc. The digital I/Os of BX30/30D can also be controlled by a PLC as a Remote I/O. Fast analogue output has very high resolution and long term stability.

BX30/30D provides 5 different formats for labeling such as single line, multi-line, EPL format including barcode.

Menu guided calibration, multipoint calibration, electronic calibration without using test weights, zero and span adjustment features bring efficiency and time saving to the operator. Electronic calibration is very effective utility to calibrate the heavy tank scale without unloading. The span adjustment feature at non-empty tanks/silos gives advantage servicing the system any time.

BX30/30D indicator offers extensive diagnostic functionality to test keys, serial ports, USB port, digital I/O, display, load cell (analog & digital) and printer fast and effectively. The instrument has data logs containing the intervention history, overloading of the scale etc. besides optional alibi memory recording.

BX30/30D panel type weighing indicator is suitable to use in wet, hygienic and harsh industrial environments with its IP67 protected front panel, aluminum body and stainless steel rear panel. Screw type of terminals on the rear panel of the instrument eliminates the loosening them due to vibration, mobile usage etc.

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