Aerotech's New Single-Axis PWM Digital Drive for Motion Control

Aerotech's New Single-Axis PWM Digital Drive for Motion Control

Aerotech (United States) - The XC2 is compatible with the Automation 3200 motion platform, which uses the HyperWire® motion bus (fibre optic interface), and controls brushless and brushed DC motors, voice coil or stepper motors with an operating voltage of up to 100 VDC and peak current capacity of 10 A.

As you would expect from Aerotech, digitally closed current and servo control loops provide the highest level of positioning accuracy and speed stability. Control bandwidths of up to 20 kHz are possible with simultaneous control of digital and analogue inputs and outputs, parallel data acquisition, process control and encoder interpolation – all in real time.

As standard, the XC2 features STO (Safe Torque Off) which means the drive torque is switched off during maintenance work. Other features include a data array with over 4 million 32-bit elements, dedicated inputs for reference and limit switch signals, and improved power monitoring. Square-wave, sinusoidal and absolute encoders are supported. The drive controller accepts square-wave encoder signals with up to 40 million pulses per second. Sinusoidal encoder signals can be interpolated with a factor of up to 16,384 (14 bits) for high resolution position feedback.

Optionally, each single-axis XC2 PWM digital drive can be upgraded with an I/O extension board, significantly increasing the number of I/Os. This add-on board also has a dedicated, position-locked PSO output.


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Driven by innovation – Aerotech introduces the XC2 PWM, another digital drive controller.

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Norbert Ludwig, Managing Director at Aerotech GmbH, Fürth: “With the new XC2 PWM, we are expanding our range of compact, digital drive controllers for smaller positioning applications.”

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