New NDIR Gas Sensor for CO measurement in the vol. % range

New NDIR Gas Sensor for CO measurement in the vol. % range
smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH (Germany) – smartGAS is expanding its EVO series of NDIR gas sensors for the measurement of carbon monoxide (CO). The FLOWEVO CO (100 vol. %) complements the new series, which already includes the FLOWEVO CO (2000 ppm).

The great importance of industrial CO measurement is addressed by smartGAS with the expansion of its EVO series. It plays a central role in many sectors, including gas analysis or emission measurement for flue gas monitoring and process control.

Additonally to the FLOWEVO CO (2000 ppm) sensor, the product portfolio has been complemented with the NDIR-based FLOWEVO CO gas sensor with a measuring range of 100 vol. %. In the coming months, further CO sensors of the first generation will be replaced successively by the EVO technology. The NDIR gas sensors in the FLOWEVO product line are characterised by their optimised optical components, their adjusted software and their flexible power supply, while maintaining the proven smartGAS technology of their predecessors. The principle of infrared measuring technology ensures that a high level of long-term stability and performance are achieved, while the plug&play interfacing of the gas sensors simplifies the connection to your hardware. As with all NDIR gas sensors in the EVO line, the new FLOWEVO CO sensor (100 vol. %) has an ASCII modbus and RTU interface with automatic recognition of the communication settings. The communication speed is up to 38,400 baud. An on-board LED also visually displays the status of the gas sensor.

Besides lower maintenance effort, the benefits of the new technology to smartGAS customers are primarily an even more precise gas analysis and process control, as well as a significantly easier integration into the customer's own units. The result is more efficient operation of the customer's systems as well as significant cost savings.

The new EVO gas sensors are almost completly compatible with the NDIR sensors of the first FLOW and PREMIUM generation.

About smartGAS:
smartGAS Mikrosensorik GmbH develops and produces reliable, precise and cost-effective Non-dispersive Infrared Absorption Sensors (NDIR) for gas detection in a wide range of applications. The product range includes sensors for gas analysis, process measuring technology, room air monitoring and gas detection units as well as for built-in or customized solutions. In addition to the standard sensors available, smartGAS also offers customized adaptations to meet specific requirements – everything is possible, from a modification of the measurement range to the development of a completely new solution.

smartGAS was founded in 2005 by graduate engineers Christian Stein and Volker Huelsekopf as a spin-off from Dortmund University of Applied Science and Arts. The company is supported by the Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn (ZFHN) and today employs around 20 staff at its development site in Dortmund and its headquarters in Heilbronn.

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