New Isolator Door Cover from Rittal

New Isolator Door Cover from Rittal
Rittal GmbH & Co. KG (USA) - The new isolator door cover from Rittal is easier to assemble, thanks to a host of new design features.

If enclosures and bayed enclosure suites are used on the North American market, they must feature isolators and safety locks. UL standard 508 stipulates this, and to ensure that these additional components can be assembled easily and efficiently, Rittal’s TS 8 isolator door cover range now features a raft of technical updates.

Isolator door covers are implemented to prevent operators from opening the enclosure and touching live electrical components. The isolator door cover is mounted on the side of the enclosure and an actuator lever or isolator switch, as the master switch, can be integrated into it. As a result, the door can only be opened when the isolator switch has been activated and the electricity supply to all components in the enclosure has been disconnected. This function is performed by a compact actuation mechanism and a suitable locking rod. A complete row of bayed enclosures can be made safe using a single isolator door cover. The door of the neighbouring enclosure is then operated via the adjacent door latch.

While developing the new isolator door cover, Rittal went to great lengths to ensure that it was easy to assemble. As is the case with many assembly tasks on TS 8 enclosures, the 125-mm-wide isolator door cover can be mounted – on either the left or right of the enclosure – by a single person. The cover can initially be fitted and loosely screwed on without the technician having to hold it in place. Due to the fact that the isolator door cover is open at the side, it allows easy access for assembly and alignment of the actuation mechanism. In addition, standard side panels can be fitted on the side opening of the isolator door cover with automatic potential equalisation.

The revised locking mechanism consists of a small number of compact parts, so it is easy to assemble. What is more, mechanism can be deployed for all approved actuator levers. When used in combination with a TS mounting plate infill, the width of the mounting area of the main enclosure can be increased by 100 mm.

To sum up, Rittal's new TS 8 isolator door cover – when deployed in tandem with the actuation mechanisms, adjacent door locking and interconnecting rods – fulfils all requirements of the UL 508 A standard.

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