New Flight Safety-Certifiable Multicore Processing Modules Enable Smarter Mission-Critical Applications

New Flight Safety-Certifiable Multicore Processing Modules Enable Smarter Mission-Critical Applications

Mercury Systems, Inc. (United States) - Mercury first in aerospace and defense industry to provide safety-certified Intel multicore processing solution required for the most advanced avionics platforms.

Mercury Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: MRCY), a leader in trusted, secure mission-critical technologies for aerospace and defense, today unveiled the EnsembleSeries™ CIOE-1390 module, the industry’s first commercially-available compute module with Intel® Atom® multicore processors and embedded BuiltSAFE™ technology for flight safety certification. The new COM Express®-based processor modules leverage the collaboration between Intel and Mercury’s design and flight safety certification experts to address the demand for onboard processing power needed for smarter and more integrated avionics applications on rotary-wing platforms and Urban Air Mobility (UAM) vehicles.

“We are seeing a significant increase in the requirements for manned and unmanned platforms to have their fused sensor streams, platform management, and effector controls such as avionics and vetronics flight safety certified for both defense and commercial aerospace applications,” said Ike Song, Vice President and General Manager of Mercury’s Mission Systems group. “At the intersection of technology and defense, Mercury is collaborating with technology leaders like Intel to deliver the most cutting-edge flight safety-certifiable multicore processing resources needed to power our customers’ most advanced and contemporary platforms while leveraging the latest commercial technologies, reinforcing our commitment to Innovation that Matters.”

Why they matter:

With the advent of more capable and available mobile platforms, traditional single-core processors are becoming overtaxed. Although comparatively easy to certify, single-core processors increasingly lack the performance required to drive next-generation smart platforms. Additionally, future roadmap support from single-core safety-critical chip fabricators is diminishing. Mercury is solving the performance and availability challenge by working closely with Intel to launch powerful multicore processing solutions with deliverable design assurance level (DAL)-C artifacts for mission-critical, flight safety-certifiable applications. Powered by Intel Atom multicore processors, the new CIOE-1390 COM Express module delivers a full x86 processing architecture for embedding into applications that must be deployed in the harshest environments.

What they deliver:

EnsembleSeries CIOE-1390 modules are rugged, small form factor COM Express Type 10 Mini processor modules that are powered with either a dual- or quad-core E3900 Atom Apollo Lake processor. These latest-generation Atom processors with on-die GPUs feature Intel’s latest graphics and processing technologies to deliver the processing power required to solve complex mission-critical compute problems. CIOE-1390 modules with BuiltSAFE technology are available initially with DO-254 DAL-C flight safety certification evidence for the circuit card assembly and DO-178C DAL-C evidence for the highly-optimized custom BIOS and bootloader software. The availability of these artifacts enables system safety certification to be performed faster, at a lower cost and with less risk than by other approaches.

Customer benefits include:

  • More performance, lower power – Intel Atom processors deliver a full x86 processing environment, complete with integrated GPU capability in a highly compact and power efficient package.
  • Design assurance level (DAL) artifacts for safety certification – EnsembleSeries CIOE-1390 modules with BuiltSAFE technology are available with full DO-254 DAL-C flight safety certification evidence for the circuit card assembly and DO-178C DAL-C evidence for the highly optimized and custom BIOS and bootloader software.
  • Defense and avionics industry sustainment – Select Atom SKUs have extended factory availability and are featured on Intel’s embedded processing roadmap. Mercury adds additional sustainment and end-of-life (EOL) protection giving customers more than 15 years of service life and support assurance.

Mercury is accelerating innovation for our customers as we bridge the gap between commercial technology and defense applications to meet the industry’s current and emerging needs.


Mercury Systems – Innovation That Matters®:

Mercury Systems is the leader in making trusted, secure mission-critical technologies profoundly more accessible to the aerospace and defense industries. Optimized for customer and mission success, our innovative solutions power more than 300 critical aerospace and defense programs. Headquartered in Andover, Mass., and with manufacturing and design facilities around the world, Mercury specializes in engineering, adapting and manufacturing new solutions purpose-built to meet the industry’s current and emerging high-tech needs. Our employees are committed to Innovation that Matters®.

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