New Digi Europe AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed is high-performance automatic weigh-wrap-label solution

New Digi Europe AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed is high-performance automatic weigh-wrap-label solution

Digi Europe Ltd (United Kingdom) - AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed. Fully integrated weigh-wrap-label solution with automatic infeed conveyor for more efficient operation and high productivity.

The AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed is high-performance automatic weigh-wrap-label solution designed for easy and efficient operation, as well as for environmental concerns by reducing film consumption from its super-stretch function and eliminating label base paper from Linerless solution.

The automatic infeed conveyor further enhances operation efficiency by building full in-line production without manual infeeding. The flexible tray discharge directions provides more options for users to optimize machine layout in order to utilize space and achieve the most efficient operation and high productivity. 

All-in-one Solution:

The AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed enables integrated weighing, wrapping, and labeling function to provide extremely efficient operation and achieve high productivity with minimized labor cost.

Please refer to the video to have more understanding about the concept and benefits of this solution.

Automation Infeed Conveyor:

The automatic infeed conveyor with weighing function enables more labor cost saving as well as higher efficiency and productivity.

Flexible Tray Discharge Directions:

The AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed provides flexible tray discharge directions for users to design the most efficient production line in order to utilize space and achieve high productivity.

High productivity:

The AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed can produce up to Max. of 36 packages per minute, carrying out integrated weighing, wrapping and labeling operations. The automatic infeed conveyor allows the infeed of trays at faster and stable speed to increase productivity, and it can also help save labor cost by allowing the connection of an extension conveyor without manual infeed. The simple and sophisticated design for easy film and label change as well as easy daily cleaning also contributes to high productivity and consistent performance.

Economical & Ecological:

The film super-stretch technology of AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed allows the use of narrower film to wrap a variety of trays from small to big family size, thereby allowing savings on film while ensuring tighter and neater wrapping finish to add more value on the products.  The auto-cut Linerless function is another exclusive and innovative solution of the AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed. This totally eliminates label base paper, therefore, effectively reducing waste and label cost.  Its label content auto-compress feature also reduces empty spaces in labels, hence, maximizing label usage as well.  All these features make the AW-5600ATII Auto-Infeed a great solution from Economical & Ecological points of view.

Flexible and effective label solution:

The Linerless solution enables flexible label design without the restriction of fixed label size so users can highlight not only general product information, but also value-added information such as recipe tips for shoppers as well as attractive promotional materials to increase sales. A total of three labels i.e. price label with general information, POP label for promotion, and bottom label for additional information (ex. cooking instruction, recipes, barcode, etc) can be applied simultaneously to take advantage of its extremely high efficiency and productivity capabilities.

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