New Checkweigher from Ishida Europe helps meet retailer standards

New Checkweigher from Ishida Europe helps meet retailer standards

Ishida Europe Ltd. (United Kingdom) - The latest checkweigher solution from Ishida Europe will enable food manufacturers to demonstrate that they are fully compliant with individual UK retailer quality standards and codes of practice.

The new Ishida DACS-GN-SE incorporates the company’s enhanced RRC (Retail Reject Confirmation) software and hardware that checks and confirms that any out-of-specification product or pack has been successfully removed from the production and packing line.

Both software and hardware have been developed to include requirements from leading retailers in a single system. This gives manufacturers the flexibility to change production runs between different customers without having to reconfigure the system. Any updates or changes are easily incorporated to ensure it remains up-to-date.

The checkweigher can be combined with a variety of metal detectors to meet the particular foreign body inspection needs of customers. The machine is fully guarded and enclosed to prevent products from being tampered with during the inspection process. A series of tracking sensors along the conveyors, and sensors on all doors, bins and covers where access is required, mean that the system automatically goes into protection mode and will stop if any unauthorised interference is detected. As an additional fail-safe feature, if a rejected item is not removed successfully, the system will also go into protection mode.

An optional hourly-check feature enables operators to ensure that the checkweigher remains fully functional. Audio and visual alerts will signal if there is a problem.  For maximum security, the checkweigher must then be reset by authorised personnel using key reset access and cannot simply be restarted by shutting down and turning on again.

The DACS-GN-SE checkweigher delivers exceptional speed and accuracy.  An intuitive and robust display with easy to learn menu structure provides both quick set up and supports operator training, while the open frame design ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.  The range can handle weights from 8g to 5kg.

The checkweigher can also be specified with the Ishida Data Capture System (IDCS II), a powerful software that captures the data from every pack that passes across the checkweigher and generates real-time displays and reports.  Reports are encrypted and cannot be edited, enabling manufacturers to provide additional evidence of their compliance with individual codes of practice.

In addition, data from the IDCS also delivers valuable production feedback that will help companies identify important efficiency and cost-saving opportunities.

“Product quality is a vital element in brand reputation and is particularly critical for own-label products which are manufactured independently but carry the retailer’s name,” comments Philip Grove, Ishida Europe’s Product Manager – Checkweighers, Metal Detectors, IDCS.

“The availability of RRC plays an important role in helping manufacturers ensure and demonstrate to their customers that at all times they are satisfying quality standards and specifications.”

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