New ATEX certification for Pegasus® Mixers from Dinnissen Process Technology

New ATEX certification for Pegasus® Mixers from Dinnissen Process Technology

Dinnissen BV (Netherlands) - Dinnissen has received a new ATEX certification for their batch mixers, continuous mixers and vacuum coaters. Thanks to these ATEX zone 20 (internal) type approvals, Dinnissen's Pegasus® mixers comply with the latest European regulations and the strict requirements of the market. 

What are ATEX certifications?

Companies that work in environments with gas and/or dust explosion hazards must work in accordance with protocols and requirements that guarantee the safety and health of employees. The European ATEX guidelines, acronym for atmosphere and explosible (French), have been drawn up for this purpose, and legally require manufacturers to indicate where explosive substances are present by means of ATEX zones.  These zones must be included in an explosion protection document. The ATEX guidelines describe the standards with which equipment and products must comply in environments with explosion risks. 

ATEX zone 20 type approval for batch, continuous and vacuum mixers:

The Pegasus® mixers from Dinnissen have ATEX zone 20 (internal) type approval. Thanks to this new certification, Dinnissen can better serve producers in the bulk goods industry. Dinnissen's batch, continuous and vacuum mixers can be implemented without risk within existing production lines and are safe to use up to surface temperatures of 135 degrees Celsius and a minimum ignition energy (MIE) of 3 millijoules (mJ).

Certifications have been obtained for batch, continuous, extractable and vacuum mixers with the following production capacities:

  • Batch mixers of 10-9000 litres per batch
  • Extractable mixers of 60-6500 litres per batch
  • Continuous mixers type 2-300C
  • Vacuum mixers from 10-3000 litres per batch

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