Moxa, Intel and Miros Cooperate to Produce an Offshore Oil Spill Detection System

Moxa, Intel and Miros Cooperate to Produce an Offshore Oil Spill Detection System
Moxa (Taiwan) - A Story of Success, by Three Technology Innovators.

Moxa has long partnered with Intel to produce industry-leading industrial computing platforms. Moxa uses innovative advances in hardware and software designs to make the most of industrial-grade Intel processors, producing rugged solutions tailored for mission critical maritime applications. The recently published Intel case study “Marine Disaster Recovery through Intelligent Systems” highlights how the combination of Intel processors with Moxa design and engineering has resulted in computing platforms certified for marine use that are perfectly suited for critical high-performance applications like oil spill detection systems.

In “Marine Disaster Recovery through Intelligent Systems”, Intel illustrates how the increasing demand for environmental protections has spurred the demand for oil spill detection systems. One leading system provider, Miros AS, has selected Moxa’s MC-5150-AC-DC series (built around advanced Intel processors) as the base platform in their advanced oil spill detection (OSD) system.

Basic OSDs must integrate radar sensors, processors, and advanced central controls. In Miros’ system, X-band radar is used to produce sea clutter images that allow the OSD to detect distant oil spills, even in the dark, enabling skimming operations to continue around-the-clock. The base processor is the heart of an OSD system, the place where raw information from the radar is collated with information received from navigation devices such as GPS, the gyrocompass, and AIS to create an effective, valuable map that may be used to coordinate cleanup operations.

All industrial marine systems must assure offshore reliability and vessel safety by passing strict tests and certifications for marine standards of quality and durability. Moxa’s MC-5150-AC/DC series of marine computers are fully certified by DNV, and with their Intel® Core™ i5 520E processors they not only provide powerful computing capabilities, but are able to do so in a highly reliable fanless design that carries a full 3 year warranty. The MC-5150 series’ exacting standards of quality were the key to winning Miros AS’ endorsement for use in their latest OSD system. Mikael Rydberg, Sales Manager, Miros AS comments: "After software testing, followed by a more rigorous system test, we are left with the impression that Moxa MC-5150-AC/DC will satisfy all Customer- & Product Critical Requirements."

About Miros Oil Spill Detection System:
Miros offers a radar-based OSD solution that has been extensively tested in oil-on-water exercises going back to 2004. This radar-based system has fully automated detection capabilities, giving oil spill position, tracking and measurement of drift. Miros OSD™ can operate in nearly all visibility conditions on a 24 hour basis, and has become an essential tool for aiding in recovery vessel and boom orientation to the oil slick.

Using thermal (IR) imaging, Miros AS’ OSD allows identification of the thickest part of the oil slick, giving operators a powerful tool for estimating the magnitude of the spill, and enabling targeted responses where the majority of oil is located.

About Intel® Architecture:
Intel uses advancements in microarchitecture facilitate the creation of smaller, higher-performing devices. They’re also the driving force behind Intel’s business model and success. Through a commitment to smart design and intelligent process technology, Intel continues to lead the industry toward ever-smaller transistors, resulting in more energy-efficient, higher-performing processor cores

About Moxa: Your Trusted Partner in Automation:
Moxa is a leading manufacturer of industrial networking, computing, and automation solutions. With over 25 years of industry experience, Moxa has connected more than 30 million devices worldwide and has a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries. Moxa delivers lasting business value by empowering industry with reliable networks and sincere service for automation systems.

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