Move safely, stand safely – with the new, safe incremental encoders PSENenco from Pilz

Move safely, stand safely – with the new, safe incremental encoders PSENenco from Pilz

Pilz (Germany) - Standard rotary encoder – but safe.

The rotary encoders PSENenco are used to determine position and speed. The rotary encoder available in the first expansion phase is an absolute encoder, which is used in the automation system PSS 4000. It supplies diverse, absolute position values, which are verified in the software block. The sensor has a magnetic and an optical measuring system. You get two devices in one!

Safe position and safe speed – The benefits:

  • Safe evaluation of speed and position
  • The safe monitoring function is transferred to the user software
  • High flexibility when monitoring limit values due to dynamic limit value monitoring in the user program
  • Mechanical rotary cam arrangement is replaced by the safe electronic rotary cam arrangement PSS 4000 (incl. rotary encoder PSENenco)

New: monitor safety functions with the new, safe incremental encoders PSENenco:

Move safely, stand safely – with the new, safe incremental encoders PSENenco from Pilz you can monitor safety functions such as speed, direction, acceleration and standstill. In conjunction with our safety relay PNOZs30, the configurable small controllers PNOZ m EF xMM and the electronic module PSSu K F EI CV for the automation system PSS 4000, what you get are complete, one-stop safety solutions. Nothing else stands in the way of the safe, efficient operation of your machine.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Enable the operating modes SS1, SS2, SLS, SOS, SSR, SSR, SDI and SSM in conjunction with all Pilz controllers (PNOZs30, PNOZ m EF xMM, PSSu K F EI CV).
  • Safe position up to SIL2/PLd and safe speed up to SIL3/PLe in the overall solution
  • Choose between square wave signals (HTL) and analogue sin-/cos signals as well as hollow and solid shaft
  • High resolution enables fast reaction times and precision measurement
  • Holistic, one-stop safety solution for motion and position monitoring
  • Simple, fast implementation
  • High flexibility due to scalable evaluation system

Features of the rotary encoder:

  • Two encoders in one housing
  • Diverse, 2-channel (1 x optical, 1 x magnetic)
  • 2 SSI interfaces
  • SIL CL 3 and PL e in the automation system PSS 4000

Application of rotary encoder PSENenco:

The rotary encoders PSENenco are used above all in the area of mechanical presses. The "safe electronic rotary cam arrangement" solution completely replaces conventional mechanical rotary cam arrangements. The combination of the rotary encoders PSENco with the control system PSSuniversal PLC and the corresponding software blocks achieves SIL 3. Other application areas for the rotary encoder are wherever safe position detection is necessary.

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