Motion Control Resources for Python™ Programmers: AMP Release Application Note with Code for Interfacing Intelligent Drives in Python™ Automation Projects

Motion Control Resources for Python™ Programmers: AMP Release Application Note with Code for Interfacing Intelligent Drives in Python™ Automation Projects

Applied Motion Products (United States) - Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP), the USA based motion control innovator, has released a new application note for programmers using Python™, the popular computer programming language. Available from Mclennan, AMP’s European distribution partner, the application note includes sample Python scripts and resource information for establishing RS-232/RS-485 or Ethernet communications, along with streaming commands and handling replies for single- and/or multi-axis drive set-ups using AMP’s ‘SCL Mode’ – which is one of many control options available across its comprehensive range of intelligent stepper and servomotor drives and integrated drives.

The simple and intuitive text-based SCL command set includes motion related moves for absolute and relative position with velocity and acceleration as well as jog and homing routines. SCL also includes I/O control commands for sequencing other machine functions as well as drive status and alarm interrogation. Python programmers can simplify their automation and machine control projects by combining AMP’s SCL motion control command scripts to sequence one or more motor axes.

AMP’s diverse range of stepper and servomotor based intelligent drives include panel mount and motor-integrated alternatives which are characterised by ease-of-use, dynamic performance and a highly flexible functionality that is easily adapted to a wide variety of applications. AMP’s unique StepSERVO™ technology includes integrated one-component solutions that bring together a microstepping motor and drive with position feedback and a sophisticated controller in a single package for high-performance closed-loop control that offers exceptional throughput and precision for applications such as packaging and labelling, automated test, automated parts handling, life sciences, and linear/rotary positioning stages.

In addition to the SCL streaming mode and various configuration, set-up and tuning tools, AMP’s control options include stand-alone intelligent drive indexer programming with a point-and-click graphical user interface option. For maximum flexibility, the sophisticated ‘Q’ programming language can be used to write complex sequences of multi-tasked motion, math functions and machine control code. Furthermore, industrial network interfacing is available across the range including EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, CANopen, Modbus RTU and TCP.

The Python software application note is part of an extensive library of resource information covering a diverse range of installation and use related subjects associated with AMP’s broad range of motion components.

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