Morehouse Instrument Company, Inc. Webinar: Morehouse Calibration Software Release

Morehouse Instrument Company, Inc. Webinar: Morehouse Calibration Software Release

On April 12, 2023

Location: Online (Webinar)

Morehouse Instrument Company, Inc. (United States) - We are excited to announce a new update for our calibration software! Join us to learn about all the updates we are releasing!

The Morehouse Calibration software will include new features including:


  • UI Overhaul for a better user experience
  • Dark Mode via sun/moon icon
  • Collapsible calibration settings and additional indicator panes
  • Allows more than 7 digits to be displayed
  • The reading interval slider now shows its current value


  • Allows for Morehouse Cert importing (No more typos)
  • Regional decimal separator added
  • Specifies a data cell should be selected instead of just a cell
  • Added Peak & Valley readings and a Reset button


  • HBM DMP40 RS232 communication is now supported
  • DSC now correctly tares
  • Now ignores restricted communication devices (Bluetooth)
  • Coefficient changes are always saved (unless there is an error)

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