Minebea Intec Synus – CoSynus

Minebea Intec Synus – CoSynus

Minebea Intec (Germany) – Press Release: At Minebea Intec we maintain a strong reputation in the supply and support of our bestselling Synus checkweighers, which can also be supplied as a CoSynus combination unit by adding our own, proven Vistus metal detector. Why are these machines so popular in the food and pharmaceutical industry? There are several factors that contribute to this which include weighing accuracy, sensitivity of the metal detector and ease of operation via an intuitive interface. With comprehensive visual data, robust hygienic design, installation flexibility and a quality support service, Synus is the complete package.

Use of a monoblock force electro-magnetic weigh cell designed initially for laboratory balances, produces unrivalled accuracy with standard deviations as low as 0.02 of a gram. This ensures products are as close as possible to the declared weight to ensure a minimum giveaway whilst still complying with average weight legislation. “The system is accurate enough to comply with the average weight legislation, thus removing the need to take periodic sample weights during the production process which is another cost and time saving benefit” says Colin Maher UK Country Manager.

Minebea Intec makes daily life safer by making the most sensitive metal detectors possible. Our powerful electronics are capable of phasing the constant noise and vibration thus concentrating specifically on the product itself. This ensures everything possible has been done to guarantee no metal is present in the product. Complying with all retailer requirements and offering greater technological advancements such as fingerprint access, contactless card access and extended metal detector tests, Minebea Intec really does make daily life safer.

Fitted with a 15” colour touch screen, the Synus has a very straight forward and intuitive user interface with an easy to use and understand menu structure. The quality of data displayed is so comprehensive that the operators and production staff always know visually how the line is performing against target weights and how the average is trending and therefore the total batch giveaway. With password control throughout, only authorised staff can alter and access critical control areas within the system. “Knowing at any given time how the line is performing is critical to any production operative” says Colin Maher. Data and production reports can all be downloaded via USB, serial cable, Ethernet TCP/IP and all other industry standard methods of transfer.

Because the operating environments the systems are installed in are sometimes harsh, the Synus checkweigher is approximately 250kg making it robust as well as hygienically designed. All conveyors and belts can be removed without tooling for easy cleaning and replacement. Below the conveyor there is a clear drop ensuring all debris and dirt drops to the floor. All areas of the machine are accessible for cleaning by water or wiping down, upgrades to IP65 and full wash down are available.

Minebea Intec understands the importance of flexibility in all areas of production. We recognise that lines change and factories can expand or relocate. With our Synus and CoSynus clever design, it’s easy to change the height or swap the direction when required without having to order a brand new unit, thus saving costs and waiting time.

Equal importance is given to the service which is at the forefront of every purchase. Offering four levels of service agreement, customers have the choice to take the package that best suits their requirements. Factors such as response time, training, operator certification, calibration are all considered and crucial parts of the service we offer. Being the only manufacturer of inspection equipment to offer 24 hour 7 days a week service support, we can ensure your site is fully trained and covered to deal with the demands of production. Minebea Intec understands if a machine is down, a line is down and that costs money.

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