Minebea Intec offers turbo-charged service with miRemote

Minebea Intec offers turbo-charged service with miRemote

Minebea Intec (Germany) - Minebea Intec will now be providing its customers with an agile, versatile service tool. ‘miRemote’ enables users to directly access services from the leading provider of industrial weighing and inspection solutions, regardless of their location. The rapid on-the-spot service is operated via an app. Minebea Intec service technicians can analyse issues or problems in real time and provide first support via a live-chat function.

The miRemote service tool bridges the gap between preventive service measures and corrective repair, rendering national borders and time zones irrelevant in the process. “The miRemote service tool is based on Augmented Reality technology developed by XMReality,” explains Michael Tappe, Global Service Product Manager at Minebea Intec, “We are now able to make our service accessible from anywhere in the world at any time. This intuitive tool helps reduce or prevent disruptions, while simultaneously increasing the technical availability of systems and devices. It therefore forms part of a consistent prevention strategy. Service technicians can provide support with process steps from their location and assist users by pointing or using visual movements.”

No travel expenses, no visa costs, no time delay:

There are numerous potential applications for miRemote that are tailored to the needs of Minebea Intec customers. Whether correcting operation techniques, analysing errors or quickly identifying the right spare part, all functions are intended to support users in their work and efficiently reduce any downtimes. “Ultimately, on production lines in food or chemical production for example, time is the most valuable commodity,” explains Michael Tappe. “We anticipate significant cost savings for our customers.”

First support via smartphone or tablet:

From the Minebea Intec service centre, the technician sees exactly what the customer captures using their smartphone or tablet camera in real time, and can therefore diagnose operating errors or error messages and provide targeted assistance. There is an array of innovative features to help them do this, including hand overlay, finger pointing and supplementary speech and text communication. The technician can also show documents and record videos for subsequent assessment. The intuitive user-friendly app is hosted by Minebea Intec’s partner company XMReality and can be downloaded to most mobile devices. The system is supported by all common operating systems such as Windows 10, Android 5.1 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher.

See miRemote live demonstrations at the Fachpack and PPMA trade fairs:

Minebea Intec customers can now easily integrate the miRemote service tool into most service agreement levels. This innovative tool will be premiered on September 25 at the Fachpack (Germany) and PPMA (UK) trade fairs, alongside the comprehensive range of inspection and weighing systems Minebea Intec supplies.


Minebea Intec service technicians can provide immediate, targeted assistance using finger pointing.

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