Mettler Toledo Webinar - How to Automate Metal Detector Testing

Mettler Toledo Webinar - How to Automate Metal Detector Testing

On June 08, 2021

Location: Online (Webinar)

METTLER TOLEDO (Switzerland) - Compliance Assurance For Throat and Gravity Fall Metal Detectors.

This webinar - How to Automate Metal Detector Testing - is part of a new "How To…" series of educational, online events designed to help food manufacturers to better understand how you can optimize the performance of your product inspection equipment.

If you use throat (ZMFZ) metal detectors in Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) applications, or gravity fall metal detection systems, you will likely understand the challenges that testing their performance can bring:

  • Working at height
  • Accurately and consistently challenging the metal detector's documented performance
  • Recording test results

This free webinar explores how to automate metal detector testing to revolutionize your business using the innovative Automatic Test System (ATS). Our technology experts will demonstrate the 5 key benefits of the ATS, ranging from enhanced compliance assurance and improved productivity to improved worker safety and more.

The live webinar will conclude with a Q&A session.


David Kirby and Paul Holdship


45 minutes

Routine Performance Monitoring Testing Requirements:

GFSI-based food safety standards and major retailer codes of practice require regular confirmation of metal detector performance through the completion of routine performance monitoring tests. Traditionally, this has been done using manual test methods, such as the 'drop through' method, the 'fishing line' method or the 'test rod' method - all of which are flawed. This is beacuse they do not accurately and consistently test the centre of aperture sensitivity - or worst-case performance.

ATS on the other hand, uses a sophisticated algorithm which is able to test the centreline performance, and provide confirmation that the metal detector is working to the required specification (a pass), or not (a fail).

This webinar includes a series of demonstrations that will explain how ATS works, why it is better than manual testing to confirm metal detector performance, and will explore the additional benefits it delivers which can revolutionize your business.

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