LogiDrive – Cost reductions thanks to standardisation

LogiDrive – Cost reductions thanks to standardisation

Nord (Germany) - Different gear units and motor types, sizes, options and gear ratios often result in a large variety of drive versions – a considerable cost factor. A reduction in the number of variants can result in optimised processes and costs. The LogiDrive standardised IE4 geared motor versions are the solution for intralogistics.

LogiDrive systems are highly efficient, and thanks to Plug & Play technology they are extremely maintenance-friendly and result in a considerable reduction of spare part stocks. The standardised geared motor variants are specially designed for intralogistics and airport technology and are particularly suitable for reducing the number of versions. The compact design saves space and the lightweight aluminium housing enables weight savings of up to 25%.

LogiDrive drive units comprise an IE4 synchronous motor with rated powers of up to 5.5 kW, a 2-stage helical bevel gear unit and a frequency inverter which is installed close to the motor. The inverter is equipped with a mains switch, a key switch to isolate the drive unit from the system controller and a direction selector switch for local installation mode. AS-i and all common field bus and industrial Ethernet interfaces can be integrated. With class IE4 motor efficiency and system efficiency to class IES2, the drive units achieve excellent overall efficiencies - especially in the partial load and speed range. With this, they pay for themselves within a short time and considerably reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).

LogiDrive drive units from NORD are equipped with the safety functions STO and SS1 according to DIN EN 61800-5-2 and DIN EN 60204-1 and have a high overload capacity. As the system for conveyor technology has a modular structure, all drive technology components can be serviced individually, which reduces service and maintenance costs in intralogistics. LogiDrive drive technology is suitable for horizontal conveyors, inclined conveyors and vertical conveyors. Thanks to extensive certification, LogiDrive systems can be installed without problems throughout the world.

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