Lika Electronic’s New MMK36 – Tough encoder for rough jobs

Lika Electronic’s New MMK36 – Tough encoder for rough jobs
Lika Electronic Srl (Italy) - MMK36 is the only multi-turn absolute encoder with bearingless shaft in the market. Still it is capable of reliably and safely withstanding the most aggressive environmental conditions and ideally suited even for position measurements at high speeds up to 40,000 RPM.

  • Multi-turn encoder
  • Bearingless and very small footprint design
  • Non-contact and wear-free operation
  • IP67/IP68 protection with sealed electronics
  • High speeds up to 40,000 RPM
  • Resolution up to 8192 cpr x 65536 revolutions
  • SSI interface
MMK36 from Lika Electronic is the only multi-turn absolute encoder with a bearingless shaft in the market and provides designers with a rugged and space-saving measuring system free of moving parts, contact, friction and wear.

The use of a stainless steel rotor with integrated magnet and a completely separate sensing circuit increases the toughness and reliability of the encoder. The magnet assembly has a 6 mm (0.24″), 8 mm (0.31″) or 10 mm (0.39″) bore for installation in the output shaft of an electric motor, an actuator or a drive. The magnet and the sensing element are independent and work without any contact and mechanical connection to each other. This fully prevents the shocks, vibrations, mechanical stresses and eddy currents to be transmitted from the rotating shaft to the electronics. Furthermore, with the absence of wearable parts, such as bearings, this ensures greater service life, efficiency and signal transmission safety. Thus, there is no cause for concern about bearing wear, shaft loading or mechanical overheating. In addition, the robust and compact enclosure ensures up to an IP68 protection rating with sealed circuitry.

These properties make the MMK36 exceptionally well suited for the harshest industrial environments and very severe applications, including mining and oil field equipment, steel mills, utility vehicles and construction equipment. By virtue of the advanced magnetic sensing electronics, they can be further installed for accurate position detection in rotary applications up to 40,000 RPM.

MMK36 delivers the absolute position information with an overall resolution up to 29 bits (8,192 cpr x 65,536 revolutions) via SSI interface in either Binary or Gray code. It also implements zero setting and counting direction functions. Both axial and radial cable options are available. Reverse polarity and short circuitry protections further increase the safety level.

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