Kübler Group’s Codix 560 now available with RS232/RS485 interfaces

Kübler Group’s Codix 560 now available with RS232/RS485 interfaces
Kübler Group (Germany) - Is supports MODBUS (RTU) and CR/LF protocols.

For pulses, time, frequency, position. The new large preset counter Codix 560 covers a wide range of functions and counting modes: from preset counting up to simple control tasks.

With the large preset counters Codix 560 Kübler is rounding off a completely new generation of preset counters. All the areas of application for preset counters – including even simple control tasks - are now comprehensively covered. The Codix 560 is readable or configurable via the RS 232/485 interface and allows a direct connection of a large display or a printer.

This DIN size 96x48mm device is full of power: The Codix 560 offers very bright, large LEDs that can be easily read in poor lighting conditions or from a long distance away. Great store was placed – as with all Codix units – on very simple user operation and programming structure.

For this reason the Codix 560 is equipped with numerous scrolling help texts, which – thanks to the 14 segment LED – are very clearly legible, as well as with an intuitive cursor keypad. The preset counter can be used for pulses, time, frequency and position; it can also function as an overall total counter or as a batch counter.
  • DIN dimensions 96 x 48 mm
  • Very bright and large 14-segment LEDs
  • Simple operation and programming structure with running help texts
  • Total counter or batch counter
  • Preset status display predefined settings
  • 4-level RESET Modes
  • User-friendly screw terminals
  • Minimal mounting depth
  • Suitable for integration in mosaic systems
  • Tracking preset
  • Teach mode
  • RS 232/485 interface for reading and configuring the counter with the MODBUS and CR/LF protocols

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