Korenix Wireless AP provides solution for AGV Car in Automated Warehouse

Korenix Wireless AP provides solution for AGV Car in Automated Warehouse

Korenix Technology (Taiwan) - Nowadays, as people are gaining needs for consumer goods and on-line shopping, warehouse management has become an essential part while running a business. Due to the rise of IoT and M2M, more and more companies are using automated warehouses instead of traditional ones that mostly use Excels and operated by personnel. Automated warehouse reduces the cost, time and accelerates efficiency.

AGV car is a device that can be often seen in automated warehouse. It delivers goods through following the wire or marks on the floor. In addition, it receives instruction, orders and provides the material status and operational condition back to the control center. Thus, efficient and accurate data transfer are essential for AGV car monitoring system.

An e-commerce company has chosen Korenix JetWave 2212 X wireless AP for their automated warehouse AGV car system.

The challenge of the application is that facing large amount of goods that needs to carry, the speed to receive and transfer data of an AGV car must be fast. Moreover, to move between the storage racks, the AGV cars are designed in compact size and the space of the car is mainly designed to load goods so there isn’t much space to contain machinery in it.

In this application case, Korenix solution is to apply JetWave 2212X as wireless access point and applies the same device in the middle of the AGV car as wifi client. So, while the AGV car is moving around the warehouse, it will send the signal data to the wireless AP and the control center can know the status of all the AGV cars. JetWave 2212X is an industrial 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless AP which offers a high performance and reliability wireless solution for 2.4G/5G radio band. It also features the new generation 802.11n MIMO technology that offers a high data rate up to 300Mbps.

The winning point of Korenix JetWave 2212X wireless AP is that it applies Korenix fast roaming technology which ensures strong signal data and roaming time under 50ms. Moreover, it is designed with compact size with only 140mm X 40mm X 123.8mm and can also tolerate temperature from -40~ 75°c. The wide temperature tolerance allows it to work in different kinds of warehouse or situation.

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