Korenix Industrial Media Converter: High Reliable and Easy to Implement

Korenix Industrial Media Converter: High Reliable and Easy to Implement

Korenix Technology (Taiwan) - Press Release: Industrial Media Converter is a simple but useful device that can be applied in multiple uses, such as factory automation, Intelligent Transportation system etc. It is important that an industrial media converter can operate in harsh environment, high levels of electromagnetic interference or constant vibrations. With the IIoT are becoming a trend, the needs for media converters has also increased throughout the year.

Korenix industrial media converters are compact and robust devices that provide efficient media conversion in different environments. The industrial media converters can be divided into two categories: Ethernet media converter and serial media converter.

The ethernet media converter convert fast ethernet into fiber. They are easy to implement and highly stable. Some of the devices even have the Link Loss Forwarding function that can forward link status change to alert remote or central management system. Such as, JetCon 3401G, JetCon 2301s and JetCon1301. It makes troubleshooting easier and faster. Moreover, JetCon 3701G has the PoE function so it still can work even when there is no power supply.

Korenix serial media converter allows devices with different serial interfaces to communicate smoothly. Serial to serial media converter such as Jetcon 2201, JetCon1201, can convert between RS232, RS422/ RS485. Serial to Fiber media converter such as Jetcon 2401 help convert all three of these interfaces to optical fiber.

All Korenix media converter has the CE/FCC certificate and can operate in extreme temperature. Some of the products compliant with EN50121 and can work in railway environment. Korenix media converter are reliable and robust devices that are the best solution for your project.

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