Kistler presents complete Weigh-In-Motion solutions and services at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

Kistler presents complete Weigh-In-Motion solutions and services at Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018

On February 26, 2018

Kistler Group (Netherlands) - At this year‘s Intertraffic in Amsterdam (20-23 March 2018), the Kistler Group is showcasing its comprehensive KiTraffic Weigh-In-Motion (WIM) solutions, which support road owners and authorities in road and traffic monitoring, weight enforcement and weight-based tolling. The extended service package facilitates a wide range of applications and ensures high performance throughout the system’s lifecycle.

Increasing traffic and heavy-load vehicles put a strain on roads and infrastructure the world over. Damage to driving surfaces increases exponentially with higher axle loads, which means road owners and operators need to monitor usage carefully. Kistler’s advanced and durable WIM solutions automatically gather traffic and load data without intervening in traffic flow. This provides a reliable basis for weight enforcement for overloaded vehicles, the calculation of toll fees, and the determination of maintenance intervals. The Swiss measuring specialists now additionally offer tailor-made WIM services, such as road analysis and calibration service.

Comprehensive WIM solutions – from a single supplier:
KiTraffic Plus is a new WIM solution for automated road monitoring. Applications include weight enforcement and toll-by-weight. With its Lineas quartz sensors, KiTraffic Plus can measure vehicle loads at different speeds and on a virtually infinite number of lanes. The open and scalable system now operates using two to eight sensors per lane. KiTraffic Plus is a flexible and expandable solution, which can be combined with camera systems for vehicle identification, among other applications. The data is processed in a protected roadside cabinet. The results and analyses are available in real-time via web-based HMI or API interface transfers.

The world’s first WIM system based on subsurface quartz sensors:
KiTraffic Statistics is a compact, cost-efficient WIM solution, which incorporates newly developed sensors and pre-wired components for a quick and easy installation. Its new Lineas Compact quartz sensors are integrated into the road itself, 25 mm below the surface, and are covered with a grouting compound, which ensures an extended sensor lifetime while providing accurate data for Traffic Data Collection. KiTraffic Statistics offers the same benefits as KiTraffic Plus – robustness and flexibility – at a limited scope of functionality. “It is ideal for customers who simply want an overview of road usage. The system offers reliable Weigh-In-Motion features at a great value for money”, stated the company.

Lineas subsurface quartz sensor of Kistler as robust and accurate solution for weigh-in-motion applications

New advisory services extend customer support:
The Kistler Group now also offers two new advisory services for WIM applications. Prior to implementing a new WIM system, Kistler’s road analysis helps determine the ideal position for the sensors, which is key since the reliability of measurements and the sensors’ lifespan depend on the road quality. This process also helps estimate measurement accuracy. Furthermore, calibration service from experienced Kistler engineers is available remotely (via web or phone) as well as on-site, ensuring accurate measurements throughout the WIM system’s lifecycle.

“The Kistler Group looks forward to welcoming you for a live demonstration of the enhanced KiTraffic WIM solutions and services during Intertraffic Amsterdam 2018 (Hall 10, Booth 315)”, added the company

In addition to its WIM solutions, Kistler now offers a broad portfolio of speed enforcement sensors and systems for static and mobile use.

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