Item Data Management by Smartwatch frees your hands for other tasks

Item Data Management by Smartwatch frees your hands for other tasks

Nordic ID (Finland) - As the first company in the world, Nordic ID is leveraging its RFID technology expertise to smartwatches. The RFID application lets you track and locate your items real time with the help of a smartwatch.

Usually item identification is performed with designated readers, Nordic ID’s solution utilizes RFID technology in smartwatches. “The benefit of using a smartwatch instead of a traditional reader is that it frees your hands. Wearable readers keep the reading process going in the background, and you do not have to perform for instance inventory as a separate task”, explains Mika- Petteri Lundgren, Director of Product Management.

This solution is great for the manufacturing industry and retail. For example, during the manufacturing process you have accurate control of the different stages in assembly; in retail you have continuous, real-time access to item count, without separately taking inventory as well as a very convenient way to locate garments in-store in seconds.  

”On construction sites up to 30% of working time is dedicated to look for misplaced tools. The information provided by the smartwatch helps the builder to locate the tool in an instant”, lists Juuso Lehmuskoski, VP of Services and Solutions.

The smartwatch enables new use cases:

As a company, Nordic ID is focusing strongly on growth, and the smartwatch application offers customers new possibilities to utilize the RFID technology as well as supports our efforts to enter new markets.  

”We believe that developing the technology opens up new opportunities for us. For instance, emergency services and defence forces have shown interest in the smartwatch. The application can also alert personnel in healthcare.“, Lehmuskoski continues.

The application is available for Android Wear OS powered smartwatches, and Nordic ID plans to also launch the application for Apple’s smartwatches. The smartwatch application has been tested with customers and was launched in the Google Play Store on October 1st.


Abou Nordic ID:

Founded in Finland in 1986, Nordic ID has been Europe’s leading provider for item tracking and tracing devices for over 30 years. Our passion for enabling customers to manage their routine operations with ease, speed and efficiency, inspired us to develop all-in-one solutions that help your company to optimize the flow and count of goods.

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