Ishida Europe Enhancements Deliver Long Term Performance for Hardware Weighing

Ishida Europe Enhancements Deliver Long Term Performance for Hardware Weighing

Ishida Europe Ltd. (United Kingdom) - Press Release: Ishida Europe has introduced two new weighers into its Sector Solutions range, offering an off-the-shelf, cost effective and high-performance solution specifically designed to handle hardware products of different weights and piece sizes such as nuts, bolts, screws and a variety of steel, brass and copper parts and fittings.

The new enhanced weigher design harnesses Ishida’s 50 years’ experience in multihead weighing since it launched the technology in 1972. During this time Ishida weighers have transformed the weighing and packing of a huge number of products, including hardware & fasteners.

The latest models incorporate various new features to make the machines even more robust and durable. These include the use of heavy-duty components and hard-wearing PU-liners that enable them to withstand substantial impacts and abrasive product flow, whilst maintaining Ishida’s renowned speed and accuracy.

Flared pool hoppers help to maximise the flow of products for weighing, and special anti-spillage devices on the weigh hoppers and the error diverting timing hopper ensure no loss of product during transfer to the pack. Long running tests on the weighers have confirmed that they are able to maintain high performance levels with no loss in effectiveness of the specialised liners.

“Hardware products provide a variety of challenges for an automated weighing system, notably in terms of their hard, abrasive finishes,” explained Nick Clark, Ishida Europe’s CCW Product Manager. “At the same time, like any other sector, competition is intense, and manufacturers need to maximise the speed and efficiency of their packing operation. Our latest hardware models have been designed to meet these requirements, combining robustness, durability and reliability with the flexibility to handle a wide variety of product types.”

The two new models comprise a 10-head model with five litre hoppers (CCW-RVE-210W-1S-50-SS-HWR3) and a 14-head version with three litre hoppers (CCW-RVE-214W-1S-30-SS-HWR2). Speeds are up to 50 and 70 weighments per minute respectively. New advanced software enables the machines to accurately count several hundred thousand pieces, with the individual piece weight calculated with up to five decimal places.

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