Introducing OMEGA Newest Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System

Introducing OMEGA Newest Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring System

OMEGA Engineering, INC. (United States) - Advanced Fiber Optic Temperature Monitoring.

Omega is introducing a new line of fiber optic temperature sensors and monitors. These fiber optic sensors are great for surface or immersion applications where metallic probes can’t be used. Unlike traditional thermocouple or RTD sensors fiber optic sensors use light for fast and reliable temperature analysis that is immune to RFI, EMI, or NMR.

Build a complete fiber optic temperature system:

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensor:

  • Temperature ranges fraom -200°C to 250°C
  • Requires no recalibration
  • Accuracy ±0.8°C
  • Measure small or precise locations

Fiber Optic Monitor:

  • Temperature ranges from -80°C to 300°C
  • Monitors up to 8 channels
  • MicroSD and USB data logging capabilities
  • RS-485 and USB output with Modbus

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