Introducing FDC's PR Paperless Recorders with 4.3", 5.6" and 12.1" Touch Screen Interface

Introducing FDC's PR Paperless Recorders with 4.3", 5.6" and 12.1" Touch Screen Interface
Future Design Controls, Inc. (USA) - Future Design Controls (FDC) offers standard & custom OEM temperature and process control, recording/data acquisition and operator interface products for a variety of industrial, medical and scientific equipment.

The PR Paperless Recorders provide a low cost dedicated data acquisition system for a variety of analog & digital inputs as well as external devices via Ethernet Modbus TCP. Easy to use with powerful features the PR Paperless Recorders provide an "out of the box" data acquisition solution.

The number of direct analog inputs varies by model with the PR10/20/30 offering up to 6, 24 and 48 respectively as well as optionally External channels input via Serial or TCP/IP Modbus; maximum external channels are 24, 48 & 96 channels respectively. Derived Math channels are optional with the PR10/20/30 offering 15, 40 & 60 channels respectively. All analog, external, derived & digital inputs have a 100ms total sample rate. All analog, external and digital input channels are freely configurable and named to suit your process requirements.

The PR Series display real-time measured data on the touch screen and saves data to internal memory that may be exported to external USB or SD cards as well as over a LAN with the optional PR-Data Acquisition Studio software.

Data logging supports operator freehand messages directly on the touch screen that may be saved with the Data files as well as the data files being started and stopped as a Batch operation with additional batch / lot information (optional). The data files as well as convenient report generation may be printed from the recorder via LAN to network printers or via its USB port directly to printers supporting PCL4 / PCL5 / PCL6 language.

With 200MB on-board RAM for data storage and reliable low cost SD or USB cards the PR Series is ideal for monitoring, recording and evaluating processes in a variety of applications and industries. With the optional firmware Plus 1, 2 or 3, the PR Series includes multiple additional functions including math, counters, totalizers, high frequency digital inputs, batch data logging, monitor and record external channels, create custom display views that support animation as well as meeting the requirements of CFR21 part 11.

With LAN connection the PR Series offers emails upon alarm/event conditions, interactive web server, time synchronization and direct printing to network printers.

The PR Series standard and optional features, 2-year warranty and low price make the PR Series the paperless recorder of choice!

PR Paperless Recorder Training Videos:

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