Introducing CartConnect500: The autonomous cart transport solution for large payloads

Introducing CartConnect500: The autonomous cart transport solution for large payloads

Fetch Robotics, Inc. (United States) - Press Release: Here at Fetch Robotics, we are dedicated to consistently improving our solutions to help transform the time traditionally reserved for manual material movement within manufacturing, fulfillment, and distribution facilities into time that can be used for revenue generating activity such as picking or assembling. 

The Freight500, our autonomous mobile robot (AMR) solution that moves case goods and smaller palletized loads up to 500kg, has been a great addition to Fetch’s broad portfolio of AMRs that scale from 100kg payloads up to 1500kg payloads. Manual travel traditionally done with a pallet jack or forklift has been reduced, resulting in a huge sigh of relief to facilities in an industry where tens of thousands of accidents involving both equipment occur every year. 

We are excited to announce the CartConnect500, an addition to the CartConnect line of AMRs, the industry’s first and only autonomous cart transport solution for various payloads. The CartConnect500 features the Freight500 robot base with an attached lift module that picks up a FetchCart, a detachable, industrial-grade cart specifically designed for the CartConnect500. In addition to the FetchCart, the CartConnect500 can transport any given cart that meets our specifications, allowing you to utilize any existing carts you may already have in your facility.  The CartConnect500, along with our extensive portfolio of AMRs, can be managed within FetchCore, our cloud-based software that enables on-demand automation. 

Here’s how the CartConnect500 works:

  • A warehouse associate loads the FetchCart and drops off at a cart position. He/she then requests the CartConnect500 to pick up the loaded cart by accessing FetchCore on a tablet or scanning a barcode. This request can also come from a Warehouse Execution System (WES) or optimization layer.
  • The CartConnect500 robot base with an attached lift module picks up a cart.
  • The CartConnect500 autonomously drops off the cart to the specified delivery location where the lift is completely retracted at the time of drop-off before the AMR drives out from under the cart.
  • The robot base detaches from the cart so that the CartConnect500 can proceed with the next pickup request or waits for a new request for pallet delivery, or other workflows such as recycling removal. 
  • Unique markers located on the legs of the carts allows precision docking during pick-up and drop-off. Additionally, the CartConnect500 can navigate under the cart from all four directions. 

With the CartConnect500 and a FetchCart, customers can safely transport case goods, totes, boxes, and smaller palletized loads up to 227kg (500 lbs) within the facility and set-up recurring workflows to reduce or eliminate the use of pallet jacks or forklifts for material transport. Through our on-demand cloud robotics platform, customers can manage a varied range of workflows for one to one hundred robots in their fleet without the need to add or change anything within their facility. Once a Fetch AMR is set-up, often within just a few hours, it delivers instant ROI.

We’ve built the CartConnect500 for a wide range of workflows in dynamic warehouse environments. Some of these workflows include:

Line-side delivery:

The CartConnect500 can autonomously pick-up and drop-off carts with pallets from raw material and assembly lines in manufacturing environments. The CartConnect500drops off full pallets of material to assembly lines without any handling from personnel at the assembly line, allowing workers to quickly and easily access materials from the pallets for use on the assembly line.  After dropping off a full pallet of materials, the CartConnect500 picks up the cart with the empty pallet and delivers it back to the raw materials. The empty pallet is replaced with a full pallet for the next cycle.  

Work cell delivery:

The CartConnect500 can autonomously and seamlessly pick-up and drop-off mobile flow racks from raw material to work cells in manufacturing environments. With precision delivery capabilities, the CartConnect500 drops off full flow racks with the correct line-side orientation without any handling from work cell personnel, allowing workers to quickly and easily access materials from the racks for use in the work cell.  After a drop off of a full flow rack, the CartConnect500 picks up the empty flow rack and delivers it back to be replenished so that the cycle can be repeated.  

Palletization and de-palletization:

The CartConnect500 can be used in conjunction with a robotic arm to autonomously deliver pallets to areas where full pallets are unloaded or empty pallets are loaded.  Navigation to these areas is defined in Workflow Builder by specifying preferred paths, device triggers, and keep out zones.  

Recycling and trash removal:

Alternating between carts and pallets, the CartConnect500 can be loaded with a gaylord to transport corrugated or recyclables to processing areas. This helps keep aisles organized and unobstructed within manufacturing and distribution environments.

We are excited to offer our customers with the industry’s first and only cart-carrying AMR solution for a wide range of payloads. Here at Fetch, we care deeply about our customers’ needs and want to keep offering innovative solutions that transform their businesses and push our industry forward.

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