Intercomp’s RFX® HUBSCALE360™ Delivers Precision Measurements

Intercomp’s RFX® HUBSCALE360™ Delivers Precision Measurements

Intercomp Company (United States) - Intercomp’s RFX® HUBSCALE360™ Wireless Scale System, the latest evolution of a product line that began with the groundbreaking Precision Hub Plate Scale System, is available for purchase. When the system was introduced to the racing industry nearly a decade ago, it was the first hub stand-based alignment system that included a self-contained wireless scale allowing suspension alignment and corner balancing to be performed quickly and accurately. Updates accommodate modern racecars with larger brake rotors and wheel offsets due to a lower-profile weighing module and beefier mid-plate section.

The newly developed weighing module of the HUBSCALE360™, protecting the precision load cell and electronics, makes the system easier to use with the latest generation of purebred racecars. As manufacturers continue to increase brake caliper and disk sizes to improve stopping power, the extra clearance provided by the lower-profile module allows the stand to be mounted to front or rear hubs. Interchangeable adapters and additional clearance allow a single system to be used on several different racecars.

Like many other system components, mid plates continue to be CNC-machined from rigid 6061-T6 billet aluminum. The additional mid-plate material allows the scale and alignment system to more accurately weigh a greater variety of racecars, even those with extreme wheel offsets that affect the vertical and lateral forces supported by the scale. Even with the extra material, race teams can use established measurements when setting the system up or making alignment adjustments to the car.

The RFX® HUBSCALE360™ Wireless Scale System enables race teams to have ‘Factory Level’ setup equipment, including reliability and accuracy that meets or exceeds systems that are more expensive or designed for a single car make. Mounting a weighing device directly on the hub eliminates variables like tire wear, tire pressure, or wheel damage, each time the car is corner balanced. A stable and more consistent setup is the direct result of maximized corner balance repeatability after every on-track session.

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