Intercomp LS-WIM® Keeps Aggregate Vehicles Compliant in Australia

Intercomp LS-WIM® Keeps Aggregate Vehicles Compliant in Australia

Intercomp Company (Australia) - Since 2018, Australia’s Chain of Responsibility (CoR) laws hold all parties involved in the hiring or operation of commercial transportation legally responsible for violations of applicable transportation regulations. Due to this change, Fleet Plant Hire, a civil plant hire logistics company, needed a way to ensure the weight compliance of commercial trucks at its quarry site. They chose Intercomp’s LS-WIM® (Low Speed Weigh-In-Motion) scale system as the most the efficient and cost-effective solution.

"Our LS-WIM® scale systems are installed at as part of a quarry application. We decided this scale was the best suited for the relatively harsh environment. The solutions presented by Intercomp allow us to track and comply with regulations for gross vehicle weight, while also providing split and axle weight data to ensure legality. Right now, we are the only civil plant hire company in our area weighing vehicles with split weights prior to worksite departure, giving us a clear edge on the competition." – Chris West, Fleet Plant Hire Managing Director.

Fleet Plant Hire transports aggregates for a large civil infrastructure expansion project. Each departing vehicle rolls over the weighbridge, and is weighed axle by axle. Individual axle and gross weight data is shown on high-visibility LED displays, allowing drivers to check they have a full load while remaining axle weight compliant. This is all done without the need to stop and retrieve a weigh ticket or talk to a scale attendant. Weight data collected by the scale system also allows managers to study and determine the most efficient operational procedures for the yard.

The LS-WIM® was increasingly attractive because scale and installation costs are less than half that needed to install a full-length weighbridge scale. While initial investments in hardware and civil works are minimal, operational costs for the scale system are contained due to a straightforward design, compact size, and use of commercially-available components. These factors make cleaning and maintenance easier, allowing the end user to save money over time.

The effective use of Intercomp WIM systems has given Fleet Plant Hire a major leg up over its competition. The low-cost, high-impact system provides a tool the company uses to increase profits through better operation. Fleet Plant Hire also provides its clients a reliable safeguard to potential fines by using scales at the jobsite.

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