Balluff's Inductive High Temperature Sensors

Balluff's Inductive High Temperature Sensors

Balluff (Germany) - Withstand extreme heat in multiple environments.

Standard inductive proximity sensors are not suitable in hot metal stamping, glass manufacturing, steel and aluminum manufacturing, steel forging, steam curing, or other high-temperature environments.

Balluff offers solutions with a family of high-temperature proximity sensors rated to provide reliable, non-contact object detection in ambient temperatures up to 230 °C / 446 °F.

This heat-fighting sensor lineup is better equipped to combat heat-related malfunctioning and failure than standard proxes, where temperature ratings typically do not exceed 70 °C / 158 °F.

In order to withstand extreme temperatures, the face of each sensor is composed of a heat-resistant LCP (liquid crystal polymer) material. The head of the sensor contains only the non-electronic passive components of the device, which are less susceptible to heat.

The electronic amplifier (rated to 70 °C / 158 °F) is molded into the M12 connector at the end of the cable and does not require separate mounting. The cable length of 5 m / 16 ft. allows placement of the amplifier well away from the process, outside the high temperature zone. The cable jacket and insulation, made from heat-resistant PTFE, is specified to withstand the full-rated temperature of the sensor head.

Available in M18, and M30 tubular housings with integrated 5 m amplifier-connector cable, and in block styles with detachable 10 m / 33 ft. amplifier-connector cable (order separately).


  • Ideal for high ambient temperatures up to 230 °C/446 °F
  • Sensor face composed of hightemperature LCP
  • Extended 5 m / 16 ft. amplifier-connector cable keeps electronic components at a safe distance from hot process areas
  • Cables composed of heat-resistant PTFE
  • M18, M30 and multiple block-style housings available
  • Standardized M12 connection for simple installation and replacement

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