IMDT Launches New SOM and SBC Featuring Renesas RZ/V2H SOC for Vision-AI Robotic Applications

IMDT Launches New SOM and SBC Featuring Renesas RZ/V2H SOC for Vision-AI Robotic Applications

IMDT Technologies (United Kingdom) - Press Release: The V2H-based SOM (system-on-module) and SBC (single-board-computer) boast a Quad Cortex®-A55 (1.8GHz) CPU and an integrated AI accelerator, DRP-AI3, optimized for a range of AI-driven vision applications.

IMDT, a world-leading provider of cutting-edge vision and AI-powered products and systems, announced a new line of power-efficient, cost-effective and ready-to-use system-on-module (SOM) and single-board-computer (SBC) solutions, based on the new Renesas RZ/V2H microprocessor. The IMDT Renesas V2H-based family of products delivers advanced functionality and high performance for Robotic, IoT and industrial applications. Equipped with a powerful, Arm-based CPU and Renesas proprietary AI accelerator, these products support diverse uses, including high-bandwidth communications, machine learning, and high-definition image processing.

The RZ/V2H processor features Renesas's proprietary AI accelerator, the DRP (Dynamically Reconfigurable Processor)-AI3, which boasts a power efficiency of 10 TOPS/W. Additionally, it integrates four Arm® Cortex®-A55 CPU cores that reach a maximum operating frequency of 1.8 GHz, tailored for Linux application processing. For high-performance real-time processing, it includes two Cortex-R8 cores operating at 800 MHz, alongside one Cortex-M33 core serving as a subcore. By integrating these cores into a single chip, the device effectively manages both vision-AI and real-time control tasks, making it ideal for demanding robotics applications.

"IMDT's mission is to simplify and accelerate the development of cutting-edge vision and AI-powered products and systems," says Avi Shimon, CEO of IMDT. "The RZ/V2H, with its AI capabilities and multisensor support, is ready for our next-generation products that target the complexity of multisensor and AI requirements for new-generation products across various markets—Robotics, Autonomous Machines, and Industrial."

The IMDT V2H based SOM supports 4 x 4-lane MIPI CSI-2 connections, enabling attachment of up to four cameras. Additionally, the full module provides customizable options such as onboard Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, various memory and storage capacities, and PHY configurations, allowing users to tailor the system to their specific needs.

The IMDT V2H SBC carrier board transforms the IMDT V2H SOM into a compact, high-performance mini-computer. Measuring only 125 x 80 x 20 mm, this fully customizable small form factor SBC features a cost-effective system design, ideal for diverse applications in robotics, drones, and smart city projects. The V2H SBC provides a multitude of assembly options, personalized and adjusted to meet specific customer needs, alongside comprehensive onboard connectivity. It presents developers with an energy-efficient solution that occupies minimal space.

The V2H product family and its evaluation kits are currently open for pre-order. Pricing begins at $149 for the SOM, $299 for the SBC, and $749 for the EVK.

‍‍Key features:

  • Quad core A55 + Dual cortex R8 + Cortex M33
  • Multi camera connectivity, up to 4X4-lane MIPI CSI
  • Built in AI accelerator
  • 4K encoder/decoder
  • Accelerator engines
  • Various communication/storage/network interfaces
  • On-chip SRAM
  • Audio
  • Analog/digital converter (ADC)
  • Security
  • Internal temperature sensors


About IMDT:

IMDT Technologies specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced vision and AI-powered products and systems. Headquartered in the United Kingdom and Israel, IMDT offers a powerful combination of wide-reaching engineering experience in real-time applications, including vision-on-the-edge hardware and software and AI and machine learning algorithms, combined with deep domain expertise in design, development, and manufacturing.   Since its launch in 2017, IMDT’s mission has been to solve the toughest vision and AI product challenges for next-generation companies all over the world. To that end, the Company fosters strong partnerships with leading chip manufacturers and delivers modular and turnkey projects in medical, robotics, smart cities, smart homes, and industrial IoT.

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