ICP DAS USA Introduces the New Modbus Data Concentrator MDC-714

ICP DAS USA Introduces the New Modbus Data Concentrator MDC-714
ICP DAS USA (USA) – ICP DAS USA introduces MDC-714, a Modbus Data Concentrator that is capable of performing up to 200 Modbus RTU commands to read and write from/to Modbus slave devices via RS-232/ RS-485.

It also allows up to 8 Modbus TCP masters to get the polled data via Ethernet. MDC-714 is equipped with 1 Ethernet port, 1 RS-232 port, and 4 RS-485 ports and communicates over Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP.

The MDC-714 Modbus Data Concentrator has a built-in web server which allows users to quickly and easily configure and see the results of each Modbus RTU command. The Modbus Data Concentrator performs pre-defined Modbus RTU commands to read and write data from/to the Modbus RTU slave devices.

It mirrors the data of the slave devices to its own shared memory and passes the data via RS-232/RS-485. It accepts up to 8 Modbus TCP masters to directly read/write data form/to the shared memory instead of polling each Modbus RTU slave device one by one. In this way, it not only makes the data on the RS-232 / RS-485 sharable to multiple Modbus TCP masters, but also reduces the time to read/write data from/to multiple Modbus RTU slave devices.

The MDC-714 Modbus Data Concentrator can perform up to 200 polling definitions. Its internal shared memory has four tables to store the polled AI, AO, DI and DO data. Each table can store up to 4000 registers. The Modbus polling definition is defined in a Config. CSV file, which allows faster and more accurate editing of a large number of polling definitions. Furthermore, the built-in web server allows users to import/export the Config.CSV file with a simple click.

The IP address, configuration file, Config.CSV can be simply configured via a web server. No programming skills are needed. The performed results of all Modbus polling definitions are shown on the web page. It is very easy to debug which Modbus RTU device has communication problems.

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