I.M.S. Ltd's New Cellular Transmitter for Forces and Silo's Weight Monitoring

I.M.S. Ltd's New Cellular Transmitter for Forces and Silo's Weight Monitoring

I.M.S. Ltd (Israel) - Accept: Load Cells or standard signals 4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V.

The new battery operated cellular transmitter model LCBS can be connected directly to load cells and all type of sensors that equipped with analog output signal. It allows customer to immediately connect their existing controller and watch the information directly from their browser. The data is transmitted directly to a dedicated app on the cloud  that also keeps the history, generate alerts and excel files.

Main Features:

  • Can be connected directly to load cells — No need for power supply
  • Fits all standard analog outputs
  • Customer can change the IP and use his own cloud server
  • Automatically wakes up to transmit the data (1-24 times per day) + pushbutton for manual transmit
  • Use standard SIM  card , no need for local internet or Wi-Fi
  • 2 set-points. Automatically sends alerts to required  Emails
  • Project manager can add users to get alerts and watch the results

General technical data:

  • Modem supports all cellular networks protocols and Built in Antenna
  • A/D resolution: 24 bit
  • Analog accuracy: 0.01%
  • RS485 communication allows continuous display on a PC
  • Box size 150X90X57mm  IP67
  • Battery: Lithium 3.6v will last minimum 3 years with 2 samples per day. Option for larger battery
  • Free software App for the PC and communication cable

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