Hygienic Washing Results Due to KRONEN Flexible Adjustable Retention Times and Weigh-In Function

Hygienic Washing Results Due to KRONEN Flexible Adjustable Retention Times and Weigh-In Function

KRONEN GmbH (Germany) - KRONEN further develops the washing process of whole or halved products using cleaning agents.

The washing process is one of the most important areas for ensuring maximum hygiene in food processing. KRONEN's GEWA 4000V RT (for “Retention Time”) is tailormade specifically for customers who need to process whole or halved products using cleaning agents. With its specially developed technical functions it guarantees an efficient and simultaneously thorough washing process. Currently a second GEWA 4000V RT has been completed and delivered within just a few months.

To ensure the maximum effect of the mechanical operation of the washing systems and the cleaning agents the quantity of product in the wash tank as well as the duration of the product in the water all play a key role.

For this reason, the washing machine has a time controlled retaining flap which automatically controls the retention time of the products in the wash tank. This means when using cleaning agents, the fully adjustable contact time a product has with water can be guaranteed. This is a fundamental step for hygiene in further processing which is key in preventing cross contamination and premature spoilage of the end product.

Efficient, continuous washing process:

To facilitate the ideal washing process, in terms of rinsing the products, the product is weighed before it is fed into the machine to ensure that always the same quantity is processed. This avoids overfilling the tank which would hinder a thorough wash-cycle. Simultaneously it ensures an efficient, continual use of the machine. For example, up to 500 kg courgettes, halved peppers or peeled onions can be washed per hour. The cleated belt enables smooth product infeed particularly for whole or bigger products or product pieces.

The further development of the GEWA 4000V enhances the range of GEWA washing machines which process whole products or larger product pieces with the aid of cleaning agents. Any of the washing machines from the GEWA series can be equipped with the RT adjustable retention time function. Currently two GEWA 4000V RT machines are delivering perfect washing results in the company production area of two customers in the convenience and food service sector.


About KRONEN GmbH:

KRONEN is a family-owned, globally operating producer and supplier of stand-alone and special machines as well as of high-tech processing lines for the Fresh-cut industry. The product range of KRONEN and its partners covers fruit, vegetable and salad processing solutions for preparing, cutting, washing, de-watering, peeling, disinfecting and packaging.

In addition, KRONEN offers technical solutions for sectors such as meat and fish, bakery products, convenience and ready meals, dried and frozen products as well as pet food.

Today, the company based in Kehl at the Rhine in Germany has over 120 employees and a second production site in Achern, representations in more than 80 countries worldwide and delivers its products in over 100 countries around the globe.

With more than 40 years of experience in food technology, KRONEN considers it a major commitment to keep traditional values such as quality awareness, and focuses on a sustainable, holistic approach for the hygienic and safe production of healthy food. KRONEN aims at being a think tank, creating innovative solutions in line with the customers’ needs and for their benefits. In close cooperation with industry and research, it ensures a high consulting and planning expertise.

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