High-precision parts identification and position determination with Balluff’s BLA high-resolution light beam

High-precision parts identification and position determination with Balluff’s BLA high-resolution light beam
Balluff GmbH (Germany) - BLA high-resolution light beam allows numerous measuring modes.

If there is a need to identify different objects during the manufacturing process, packing, or quality control, the new BLA high-resolution light beam is ideal. This light beam identifies, compares or sorts objects based on minimal size or height differences.

The intuitive nature of the device makes it easy to use. It consists of a powerful red-light laser and a receiver and operates completely independently - without any other accessories such as a controller, PC or special software.

It has a range of up to 2 m. The continuous, easily visible light beam has an excellent resolution of 0.01 mm.

The multifunctional device offers numerous modes of measurement such as object diameter, object position, gap width, gap position, edge position, etc. In addition, the user can use keys to teach-in up to six different objects and blank out disruptive objects in the measuring field (blanking). Parallel use of the different measuring modes is also possible: e.g. checking the diameter of the object at the same time as determining the position of the object.

The BLA is very versatile, even in particularly harsh conditions, thanks to its robust metal housing:
  • High-precision position monitoring and detection
  • Quick and easy sorting of parts according to size and/or diameter
  • Quality assurance and monitoring, e.g. of heights of objects, gap sizes, etc.
  • Precise detection of web edges, even with semitransparent materials

Application example - Monitoring bottle height and diameter in a filling machine:

The BLA light beams are used to check whether the bottles in a filling machine have been correctly filled and sealed. A light beam immediately detects the width of the bottle neck and compares it with previously taught-in values. The use of digital outputs allows quick, error-free selection of the correct sealing cap. Once the cap is screwed on, another BLA checks whether the seal is complete and thus fits tightly against the bottle. To do this, the device determines the height of the bottle and compares it with the permissible reference value. Here, too, only digital outputs are used.

Application example - Wire winding machine:

A wire is wound onto the reel fully automatically. In doing so, it must be ensured that the thickness of the wire does not change. At the same time, the device must monitor that the wire is wound evenly across the entire width of the reel. The BLA light beam provides a single, reliable solution to this application. Thanks to two analogue outputs and three digital outputs, the position and the thickness of the wire can be determined and displayed alongside each other.

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