High performance Motion with a very compact footprint

High performance Motion with a very compact footprint

Heason Technology (United Kingdom) - Kollmorgen KBM™ series frameless brushless motors offer advantages for machine automation.

For many OEM and specialised motion control applications, integrating frameless servo motors directly into the machine design can provide numerous advantages. Kollmorgen’s KBM series frameless brushless motors - available with full support from its UK certified partner Heason Technology - comprise of separate rotor and stator components offering a direct-drive servo system that has a minimum installed footprint, superior mechanical stiffness with zero backlash and maximum torque density.

With the potential to use the machine’s own bearings to support the rotor and reducing the need for a motor housing and shaft assembly, the compact direct-drive solution reduces the machine’s overall size and weight, operational noise and required maintenance through the elimination of gearboxes, belts or pulleys. For the KBM series, the combination of low compliance mechanics, extremely smooth rotation with minimal cogging and a very wide operating speed range with rapid acceleration provides a more responsive system performance that perfectly suits high precision motion.

Kollmorgen’s highly developed KBM series is based on powerful direct-coupled rare-earth neodymium iron boron rotor magnets protected with fail-safe bands and fully encapsulated stator windings. A continuous 155°C internal winding temperature capability and the motor’s dynamic start-stop performance achieves high precision positioning whilst maximising machine throughput. The KBM series covers 14 frame sizes for 240 VAC or 480 VAC operation, ranging from 60 to 825mm stator diameter with each frame size available with up to three or four stack lengths. Commutation is taken care of through standard or optional latching digital Hall Effect sensors and an integral PTC thermistor provides thermal overload protection.

Across the KBM series, maximum continuous torque ranges from 1.45 Nm to 3445 Nm with a generous peak torque capability. Maximum power output ranges from 550 W to 18.5 kW with rated speeds of 105 rpm to 18,600 rpm. The highly configurable standard series can be easily adapted with modified rotor bore dimensions and alternative mounting - allowing machine designers a high degree of flexibility to select the best-fit servo motor for the application and avoiding the time and cost implications of a fully customised motor. There is also the opportunity to adapt stack length, winding and insulation etc. to exactly match the motor characteristics to the required performance. The KBM series has been designed to UL and CE guidelines in order to facilitate certification in the customer’s application.

As a Kollmorgen certified partner, Heason Technology fully supports the KBM frameless brushless servo motor with machine automation solutions such as Kollmorgen’s AKD® Ethernet-based servo drives using the Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ software and various hardware mechanics. In addition, system components from feedback encoders to complete mechanical positioning sub-systems can be supplied for complete motion system solutions.

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