Herga 6256 Industrial Footswitch with Pressure Activated Override and Manual Release Offers Increased Safety

Herga 6256 Industrial Footswitch with Pressure Activated Override and Manual Release Offers Increased Safety

Herga Technology (United Kingdom) - Herga Technology’s 6256 series heavy-duty footswitch range is aimed at manual control tasks on industrial machinery where durability and consistent reliability are essential. The modular footswitch is available in single- or multi-pedal versions where a comprehensive selection of electrical power and switching options and a broad range of accessories ensure maximum working flexibility. For applications in especially hazardous environments where additional safety is vital the 6256 is available with a pressure point actuated cut-off feature that can be used to mitigate emergency situations. Should the operator actuate the pedal beyond the pressure point, the switching contact is broken, and the process is interrupted. With the footswitch locked an unintended restart is prevented. To reset the footswitch and re-enable the process the operator must first trigger the top mounted manual release button.

This version of the 6256 is also available with an optional feature that adds a mechanical resistance in the actuation path of the pedal, producing tactile feedback so that the operator can sense the instant the footswitch pressure changes. As well as its use in hazardous control tasks, the ‘DA’ feature is also used for processes that benefit from two-stage switching systems with different operational settings.

Herga’s economically priced 6256 series heavy duty footswitches includes other optional added-safety features. A built-in emergency stop fitted on the footswitch or on an extended pole arrangement allows increased machine safety close to the operator. A pedal lock version will prevent unwanted operation where the switching process needs to be disabled or restricted from improper handling.

Other accessories and options available for the 6256 series include a snap-on protective guard that accommodates safety shoe use whilst multiple footswitch expansion is made easy through an interlocking multipedal base link kit. Washdown and wet environmental use to EN 60529 can be met with an IP67 sealing kit. Extended base plates provide increased stability and pole & handle attachments make for increased portability and ease of operation.

Thanks to its modular design the 6256 offers a range of electrical switching options. These cover slow break & make and snap break & make to AC-15 6A 250V / DC-12 6A 24V (UL) as well as high power rating up to 25A 125/250V AC. 1HP 125/250V AC (with double pole change over contacts - 2 switches). Potentiometer and pneumatic versions are also available.

Built from high-impact injection moulded ABS, the modular design offers toughness and durability. The 6256 is featured in a demonstration video showing its calibre in a series of drop tests against competitive steel footswitches.


Picture 1 Caption:

Herga’s 6256 series’ manual release version – helps mitigate emergency situations.

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Herga’s 6256 series for single and multipedal switching showing emergency stop on base and pole position as well as pedal lock option.


About Herga Technology:

Herga’s comprehensive product range includes standard and customised single- or multi-pedal switches in ergonomic designs that are available with electrical/electronic, pneumatic, Bluetooth® wireless and USB switching technologies. Application areas cover safe industrial, business and domestic machinery switching as well as medical grade switching and sensing. In addition to ISO 13485:2012 quality management system accreditation for the design, manufacture and related support services for the supply of medical devices, Herga also hold ISO 9001:2015 status as well as individual IEC/UL 60601 medical product approvals.

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