Hardy Adds Hundreds of Fully Assembled Panels Designed for Easy Weighing Integration

Hardy Adds Hundreds of Fully Assembled Panels Designed for Easy Weighing Integration

Hardy Process Solutions (United States) - USA Manufactured in a UL508A Certified Panel Shop.

Hardy Process Solutions has added over 300 Integrated Panel Solutions (IPS) to its product portfolio. Hardy IPS simplify the installation process by delivering weighing instrumentation pre‐installed into a variety of enclosures; complete with wiring, water proof glands, and full testing. Customers benefit by receiving an out of the box solution and avoid having to coordinate between 3rd party component suppliers and panel shops to create product that is ready to install.

Manufactured in the USA in a UL508A Certified Panel Shop in type 4 or 4X enclosures, IPS accommodate weighing instrumentation and peripherals including buttons, switches, relays and summing cards. IPS are delivered in a variety of materials, shapes, and types with technically advanced weighing instruments complete with a wide range of interface options for automation and process control systems. With features such as push buttons, switches, relays and tower lights built in, IPS are easy to integrate into complex industrial manufacturing operations.

Hardy supports most major industrial protocols and are Rockwell Automation’s only weighing partner to achieve the Premier Integration status (the highest level of integration with Rockwell Automation® ControlLogix® and  CompactLogix® systems).

“By offering hundreds of pre‐designed configurations, we simplify integration into customers’ manufacturing systems, saving time in configuration and installation,” said Tim Norman, senior product manager for Hardy Process Solutions. “With Add‐on‐Profiles and Faceplates, we enable manufacturers to get up and running faster and with just one supplier.”

Each IPS includes:

  • One or more Hardy HI 4050, HI 6500, HI 6500‐XP, or HI 6600 series instrument configured with any number of  options, mounted on DIN Rail in a hinged type 4 or 4X enclosure with the associated pass through glands for  power, communications, up to four sensors and up to three output cables
  • Optional pre‐installed/pre‐wired display mounted onto the enclosure door and located in the center of the upper half of the door allows an area for buttons and switches to be located in the lower half of the enclosure door
  • Optional pre‐installed/pre‐wired Hardy HI6020IT summing card with connectors mounted in the back of the  enclosure on stand‐offs, simplifying wiring for multiple load cells


  • 22mm metal pushbuttons and associated indelible marking. Available buttons are currently Blue (reset), Black  (zero) and White (tare) and are located in the bottom half of the enclosure door
  • N position selector switch and associated indelible marking to indicate modes of operation for Gross or Net  located in the bottom half of the enclosure door
  • A 3‐mode tower light wired to the instrument on the top of the enclosure.
  • Opto22 relay backplane to accommodate a large variety of relay choices in AC, DC, low and high current,  mechanical and solid state

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