General Measure Video: Packing Controller M04 Calibration

General Measure Video: Packing Controller M04 Calibration

General Measure Technology Co. Ltd. (China) - Press Release: Packing Controller M04 Calibration.

In this video, we are going to demonstrate M04 calibration process.

Weighing Controller M04 stainless steel version is a multi-software functional weighing instrument with packing, bulking(continuous weighing), and liquid filling applications. The full stainless steel out-case is robust and durable.

M04 Front Panel:

Before the calibration process, I will briefly go through the front panel of M04.

There are mainly three parts:

Display area: displays weighing data, status, and formula information.

Numeric keys: for data input and shortcut parameter selection.

Function keys:

【ZERO1】for data zeroing.

【ZERO2】in the totalization interface, it can clear all formulas and user totalization.

【M】Menu key to enter the setup parameter menu.

【ESC】Exit key to exit the current page or return to the previous page.

【ENTER】to confirm the operation. On the main page is the shortcut key for parameter setting. For different parameter setups, you can press the corresponding numeric keys.

M04 Calibration Process:

Now let's begin calibration of M04.

There are two calibration methods for M04: weight calibration and material calibration.

Weight Calibration:

Weight calibration has four steps

  1. Enter the calibration
  2. Set parameters
  3. Zero calibration and weight calibration
  4. Verify the calibration linearity

Let’s start operating.

Firstly, power on M04, the default login user is the operator. You can press the【0】key to switch the user. The initial login password is 000000. Then press the【M】to enter the parameter menu. The calibration can be found in the left column. Press the 【ENTER】to key in the password, you will enter the page of the calibration scale.

Set Parameters:

Then we set the unit, decimal point, division value, weight range, and other parameters, which are set according to the application. The setting values in this video are only for demonstration purposes.

Press【ENTER】to set the unit, there are g, kg, t, and lb can be used.

You can press the direction keys to switch. Here, we set the unit as g, press【ENTER】to confirm.

Get to the decimal point setting page. There are options as 0, 1, 2, 3, 4. We set the decimal point to 0. Press the【ENTER】confirm

Setting the minimum division value, we have 6 options, respectively, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50. We set the minimum division value of 1 here.

Then, set the weight range. Generally, we set it as the maximum weight of the load cell. According to the scale we use, we set the range to 10000, and press【ENTER】to confirm.

Zero Calibration and Weight Calibration:

Enter the zero calibration, and make sure that there is no object on the scale. After【stable】sign outputs, press the【ENTER】to get the voltage at zero point. The upper area displays the weight that is 0. The lower area displays the voltage at zero point.

Put 200g weights on the scale. After the scale is stable, enter the weight calibration interface and input 200. The weight calibration is completed.

Verify Calibration Linearity:

The current weight is 200g on the scale. Put on another 200g weight, the M04 shows 400g. Remove all weights, it displays 0g, which conforms to reality. The verification is finished, and the calibration is successful.

Material Calibration:

If without weights or inconvenient to use weights on site, we can also carry out material calibration. The material calibration is only applicable to the hopper mode for M04.

Step 1: Make sure that the scale is empty, after【stable】sign outputs, click the digital button【1】to start calibration.

Step 2: Click【2】to open the filling gate. So you can put materials on the scale, click【2】again to close the filling gate. Click【3】to open the discharging gate, and the materials will flow out. Then click【3】to close the discharging gate.

The third step: weigh the test materials by a standard scale and record the data. Then press【M】to input the weight value recorded, and press【ENTER】to confirm.

We use 200g of weights for verification. You can see the weight data is correct. The material calibration is completed.


We will continue to produce videos for products and operations. Subscribe to General Measure's channel. See you in the next video!

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