Free Network Licence for up to 300 Students

Free Network Licence for up to 300 Students
EPLAN Software & Services LLC (USA) – Eplan Education, the training concept for schools and colleges, includes software solutions in the areas of electrical, fluid power, ICA and control cabinet engineering. Previously limited to 25 slots, Eplan Education Campus now has an expanded network licence with 300 slots. The licence is made available on a central server and can be used across institutions around the entire campus. This provides education facilities around the world the opportunity to fully train on the software.

Shortly after the launch of Eplan Platform 2.6, a new Eplan Education software is now also available. Eplan Education Campus provides a network licence for three hundred users and three lecturers. Training for lecturers and comprehensive support by the Eplan team of experts make it easy to integrate the Eplan Education Campus package into teaching plans. Developed for schools and colleges, this training concept includes software solutions for the areas of electrical, fluid power, instrumentation, control and automation (ICA), and control cabinet engineering based on Eplan Platform 2.6. It also includes the full use of the Eplan Data Portal, which currently has well over a half-million parts data from prestigious component manufacturers plus 1.2 million variants via configuration.

The concept is off to an impressive start: globally more than one thousand institutions are utilising Eplan Education. Looking solely at colleges, students at a total of 310 such institutions around the world are learning with Eplan’s high-end engineering solutions. Practice-oriented training with Eplan Education is becoming increasingly important in and around Asia. In Malaysia, for instance, Eplan’s prevalence continues to grow, and with it the need for skilled and qualified personnel. Eplan Education is essential in giving prospective engineers in the country optimal preparation for the working world.

The Training Concept:
Eplan Education impresses with an impressively large range of functions in a wide variety of disciplines and completely integrated data. Lecturers can refer to structured lesson plans, relevant practical assignments, handouts for students and example exam questions, including answers. Furthermore, students and trainees of the Eplan programme receive a free download licence for the duration of their training. The licence’s duration has just been increased to three years and can also be used at home for assignments, tutorials and term papers. Integrated machine and plant design ideally prepares students for starting their engineering careers.

To Conclude:
Eplan Education Campus allows school and universities to bridge the gap between book learning and practical engineering while offering young professionals solid training combined with important practical experience.

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