Flexible Robotic Deburring from RoboDK, DIY and ATI

Flexible Robotic Deburring from RoboDK, DIY and ATI

ATI Industrial Automation (United States) - Three leaders in robotic technology collaborate on a robotic deburring cell bundle that is easy to integrate, operate, and adapt to future applications.

ATI Industrial Automation, DIY-Robotics and RoboDK combine their complimentary expertise in a user-friendly solution for a variety of material removal applications. Utilizing a ‘plug and play’ approach, the three companies have designed the Robotic Deburring Cell to perform a plethora of light-duty material removal operations. The Robotic Deburring Cell offers streamlined flexibility; it can be customized for unique application needs, programmed without coding skills, and upgraded for new applications. For users wishing to auto-integrate, this bundled solution drastically shortens time to implementation.

The Robotic Deburring Cell bundle includes a modular DIY-Robotics cell that can be custom-configured to meet specific application environments. From robot specifications to layout, users have the freedom to design the ideal robot cell for their process. DIY-Robotics offers all clients access to their comprehensive, open-source support platform which includes tools and educational resources for successful implementation.

ATI’s Compliant Deburring Blade (CDB) is a versatile end-of-arm tool capable of removing material from a vast array of plastics, aluminum, brass and other surfaces. The CDB deploys the same media used in handheld deburring tools and features robust components and integrated compliance. Put simply, it is designed to thrive under the rigors of robotic use. With automatic blade changing, the CDB from ATI gives the Robotic Deburring Cell a multi-use end-effector that can tackle a variety of deburring tasks while eliminating the safety hazards of deburring by hand.

Another material removal tool option for the Robotic Deburring Cell is ATI’s flagship Radially-Compliant Deburring Tool, RCV-250, which has been redesigned for increased power and serviceability. The RCV-250 features a robust vane motor that can remove material effectively from a range of materials from cast iron to aluminum. Adjustable, pneumatic compliance allows users to adjust the air pressure to remove the precise amount of material they want. With a single turn lockout, the radially compliant spindle offers either 360 degree or single-axis compliance.

RoboDK programming software brings the components of the Robotic Deburring Cell together in a fun to use, plug-and-play interface. The software’s extensive robot library includes over 500 robot models and an array preprogrammed applications; it also allows users to simulate and program in the same environment. Whether the path is simple or complex, RoboDK’s software can help new and experienced users eliminate common programming pitfalls and fast track implementation.

The flexibility of the Robotic Deburring Cell from ATI, DIY-Robotics and RoboDK extends as far into the future as users can imagine. The solution was designed to be agile and give customers the ability to adapt their process to meet the evolving needs of their business. With a few simple modifications, the Robotic Deburring Cell can be upcycled with new end-effectors and programming and be ready to take on new applications.

ATI, DIY-Robotics, and RoboDK share a passion for automation and seek to develop solutions that can solve problems customers face today and facilitate their future success. The Robotic Deburring Cell allows users to get their material removal process up and running quickly, with confidence, and gives them the flexibility and control to evolve their process over time.

Picture 1 Caption:

ATI's Compliant Deburring Blade.

Picture 1 Caption:

ATI's flagship Radially-Compliant Deburring Tool.

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