Extended functionality – Firmware update for Siemens Simatic RF100C communication modules

Extended functionality – Firmware update for Siemens Simatic RF100C communication modules

Siemens (Germany) - Siemens is now providing the firmware V1.3 with extended functions for the new generation Simatic RF100C communication modules. The Ethernet/IP and XML protocols are now available for all Ethernet-based modules, and the Profibus module now also supports the Simatic RF600 series readers. Additional readers and devices can also be operated on all communication modules via the Freeport setting. 

The Freeport protocol enables the connection of up to two RS232 devices or up to four RS422 devices to a Simatic RF100C module. An appropriate supply voltage of either 24 or 5 volts is provided for the connected devices. In particular, the access control reader Simatic RF1040R and RF1070R, same as Simatic MV320 optical handheld reader can now be operated using the communication module thanks to Freeport functionality. Besides Profinet (open Industrial Ethernet standard) using Ident-Profile and FB45 functional block and OPC UA, XML (Extensible Markup Language) can now also be used for programming.  

Extended connectivity options:

The host connection of the communication modules Simatic RF185C, RF186C/CI and RF188C/CI can now be made via the Ethernet/IP protocol in addition to Profinet and Industrial Ethernet. For controllers that use this protocol, the Ident-Profil function block is also available. In addition to the HF (High Frequency) RFID readers and the optical readers of the Simatic MV series, the update now also allows RFID readers of the proven Simatic RF600 series to be integrated into Profibus networks via the Simatic RF166C module. The firmware update completely replaces first generation RFID 181 EIP and Simatic RF182C communication modules.


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Firmware update for extended functionality of the Simatic RF100C communication modules series.

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