EtherNet/IP-equipment can now be remotely monitored and controlled with Netbiter from HMS Industrial Networks

EtherNet/IP-equipment can now be remotely monitored and controlled with Netbiter from HMS Industrial Networks
HMS Industrial Networks (Sweden) - The Netbiter Remote Management solution has previously offered connectivity to Modbus devices, but as of November, HMS can also offer direct, onboard compatibility with EtherNet/IP. Via the LAN port on the Netbiter Gateway, users can connect via UCMM (UnConnected Message Manager) which is an acyclic messaging channel separate from the control loop messaging.

With Netbiter, users can:
  • Configure EtherNet/IP devices remotely using their regular configuration software (RSLogix for example).
  • Log trends and monitor performance over time.
  • Get alarm or event notifications whenever critical thresholds are reached.

How it works:
The user connects an EtherNet/IP-based automation device to a Netbiter gateway via the LAN port. The Netbiter gateway sends data via Ethernet or the cellular network to the cloud-based data center called Netbiter Argos. Users access Netbiter Argos at using a regular web browser. They can also set up a secure tunnel to the remote machine or equipment which enables commissioning and debugging just as if they were on site.

Long-awaited feature:
“We have long seen a need for EtherNet/IP connectivity in Netbiter,” comments Product Line Manager, Henrik Arleving. “There is a vast amount of drives, HMIs, PLCs and other automation devices using EtherNet/IP as their communication protocol and these devices can now be easily connected to the Netbiter Remote Management system for monitoring and control. Especially the Remote Access function will be very useful for system integrators and machine builders as they can now get online access to do debugging and maintenance directly from any location.”

Other included features of the new Netbiter release includes the ability to group and filter alarms as well as free access to map functionality showing the exact location of each Netbiter gateway.

Control EtherNet/IP devices online. This example shows remote monitoring of an Allen Bradley PLC.

The Netbiter EC300-series communication gateways send data from the customer’s device to Netbiter Argos.

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