SCAIME Application: ETA - Mixing Ingredients for POLYCOOK Food Processor

SCAIME Application: ETA - Mixing Ingredients for POLYCOOK Food Processor

SCAIME S.A.S. (France) - ETA is a French manufacturer of tanks for storage and processing, specializing in high-tech tanks and hygienic equipment for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. ETA also manufactures food processors for industrial players in the food industry.

Customer requirement:

SCAIME has helped ETA to choose a weighing system integrated to the POLYCOOK industrial food processor.

Like our kitchen robots, but designed for the food industry, POLYCOOK is an innovative cooking processor that can automatically produce thousands of recipes for sauces, ready meals, cold cuts, processed cheese, desserts, compotes or spreads. For the preparation of these recipes at an industrial level, POLYCOOK includes a 400- or 800-liter tank and combines multiple functions for cooking, browning, cooling, mixing, emulsifying or sterilizing.

The weighing function, available as an option, allows the accurate dosing of each recipe ingredient to ensure a perfect production reproducibility.

Our solution:

To meet the customer's needs, SCAIME proposed a weighing system integrated into the POLYCOOK robot's automation. 

Scaime Products:

  • 4 load cells SK30X 1t with STABIFLEX-SK mounting kits
  • 1 weighing controller eNod4-T with PROFINET connectivity

Automation Products:


This system consists of 4 SK30X load cells of 1t capacity, made of stainless steel and offering an IP68 protection level.

The load cells and their STABIFLEX-SK mounting kits are integrated into the 4 legs of the robot with a hygienic protection to ensure cleanability. This integration allows to reach a weighing accuracy of 500g.

An eNod4-T controller is in charge of the load cell signal processing and the measurement transmission to the PLC through the PROFINET network. This connectivity offers a complete integration of the weighing system which can be controlled by the PLC and the POLYCOOK operator interface.

Customer benefits:

  • Easy to clean thanks to the hygienic integration of load cells and mounting kits in the feet of the cooker.
  • Time saving for the filling of ingredients.
  • Consistent production quality through systematic and accurate weight control of each recipe ingredient.

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