EMX Industries’ New UV Sensor for Phosphorescent Pigments

EMX Industries’ New UV Sensor for Phosphorescent Pigments
EMX Industries, Inc. (USA) - The new UVX-300P phosphorescence sensor provides a solution to the problem of detecting phosphorescent pigments, dyes and additives which are often difficult to measure with traditional sensors. These materials are used in a wide range of products such as paints, plastic resins, films, medical adhesives and inks used in security printing applications. The UVX-300P uses field-proven technology to provide a reliable, easy-to-use sensor for relative measurements suitable for on-line or off-line applications.

UVX-300P Advantages:
  • High-speed sampling rate for automated processes
  • Digital display – indicates relative luminance of sample emission
  • Analog output for remote monitoring via PLC or other data acquisition equipment
  • Discrete output – NPN/PNP for high-speed presence detection, < 150uS response
  • Also available UVX-300P-FG with suppression of blue emission common with OB (optical brighteners) in paper


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