EMX Industries Introduces Most Valuable Product Yet - Ultraloop Muti-Voltage Vehicle Detector

EMX Industries Introduces Most Valuable Product Yet - Ultraloop Muti-Voltage Vehicle Detector
EMX Industries, Inc. (USA) - The New Ultraloop Multi-Voltage Vehicle Detector is a compact, energy efficient and cost effective loop detector that is easy to install and setup. Reduce inventory cost and stock only one loop detector with universal voltage - 9VDC to 240VAC.

The ULT-MVP's exclusive Detect-on-Stop™ (DOS) technology activates only when the vehicle comes to a complete stop on the loop making it ideal in cross-traffic situations and warehouse settings with many overhead doors.

Sensitivity selection is simplified by the ULTRAMETER™ display that indicates the appropriate sensitivity setting to detect the vehicle positioned on the loop. The 10 sensitivity settings allow for finer adjustment of the detection level, while the 4 frequency settings provide greater flexibility in preventing crosstalk in multi-loop applications.

An 11 pin plug in base, multiple settings for sensitivity, frequency, pulse on entry, pulse on exit, presence and the DOS feature make this new EMX loop detector a universal fit for any installation.

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