Delta Expands its UPS Product Line with New High-Performance DPS 300 kVA UPS

Delta Expands its UPS Product Line with New High-Performance DPS 300 kVA UPS

Delta Electronics (Taiwan) - Megawatt-scale performance with an extremely small footprint makes the Ultron DPS 300 kVA UPS ideally suited for use in hyperscale and colocation data centers, where high-density performance and the associated space savings are essential for profitable operations.

Delta has recenlty added a new Ultron DPS model to its family of uninterruptible power supplies. This latest Ultron online UPS is rated at 300 kVA. With it, the Ultron DPS series from Delta now offers capacities ranging from 300 to 600 kVA. Up to eight units can be run in parallel for megawatt-scale installations. This makes DPS 300 online UPS systems suitable for mission-critical applications that demand high performance.

“The latest generation of our Ultron DPS series was developed especially for use in hyperscale data centers seeking to lower operating costs. Our conversations with colocation and cloud service providers revealed that, in addition to reliability and efficiency, other requirements have become extremely important, too. Megawatt-scale power capacity, a compact footprint, and ease of operation,” explained Rakesh Mukhija, Head of Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions (MCIS) at Delta EMEA. “With the Ultron DPS series, we now cover the entire power range from 300 kVA to 600 kVA. Soon, we’ll be expanding the Ultron family again and launching the DPS 1000 kVA and the DPS 1200 kVA to offer megawatt capacities in a single unit. This way, our customers can choose the Ultron DPS UPS that is an exact fit for their needs.”

The DPS 300 kVA is a monoblock UPS system with the highest available power density and the smallest footprint on the market. By conserving space, it provides more room for revenue-generating IT racks. The new Ultron DPS achieves AC-AC efficiencies of up to 96.5% during normal operation and 99% in ECO mode, reducing energy costs considerably. In addition, it delivers the full rated power (output power factor > 0,99) for maximum availability without power loss. The ability to choose valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) or environmentally friendly lithium-ion batteries also offers a means of optimizing battery investments.

Dual CAN bus systems are one example of how redundant core components ensure the availability of this new Delta UPS system. The DPS series offers proactive intelligence to warn IT managers of impending failures before they occur. This reduces the risk of downtime as well as the time and expense that maintenance work involves. Advanced event analysis including up to 10,000 event logs and waveform capturing allow abnormalities to be identified, ensuring high availability.

The user-friendly 10-inch LCD screen of the UPS displays information on security, temperature, fire protection, and cooling as required to simplify local control. Optional battery management software also allows operators to view battery status information on the touch panel. IT managers can access all the components of the UPS from the front of the unit. This way, they can easily replace the modular components as needed, considerably reducing mean time to repair (MTTR).

Key features of the Ultron DPS series:

  • Currently the highest power density and smallest footprint compared to competing products
  • Self-diagnosis with early warning system
  • Unity output power factor (> 0.99)
  • AC-AC efficiency of up to 96.5 %, 99 % in ECO mode
  • Parallel configurations of up to 8 units
  • Designed with redundant key components
  • Li-ion-battery-ready
  • 10-inch color touchscreen with graphical user interface

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