Dehn & Söhne’s New DEHNguard® SE H LI for highly sensitive installations

Dehn & Söhne’s New DEHNguard® SE H LI for highly sensitive installations
Dehn & Söhne GmbH + Co.KG (Germany) - DEHNguard® SE H LI ensures the availability of highly sensitive installations.

The DEHNguard® SE H LI surge arrester is ideally suited for all installations which require maximum reliability and availability. DEHNguard® SE H LI from the surge and lightning protection expert DEHN sets new standards. This intelligent surge arrester features an early warning system (Lifetime Indication) which informs the user of an arrester’s end of life at an early stage. With its Lifetime Indication and a discharge capacity up to 65 kA (8/20 µs), this new surge arrester meets the increasing availability requirements of electrical systems in industrial and commercial environments (e.g. offshore wind turbines, computer centres and power plants).

The surge arrester with a width of only 1.5 modules stands out due to its discharge capacity Imax up to 65 kA (8/20 µs). This type 2 arrester (type 2 SPD) complies with the requirements of the EN 61643-11 standard. It has a nominal voltage of 230 V a.c. and a voltage protection level of ≤ 1.5 kV. Versions from 75 V a.c. to 1000 V a.c. are available. DEHNguard® SE H LI can be used as a single device or in combination with other devices and always provides adequate protection.

All other benefits of the modular DEHNguard® family design such as the module locking system and the coded protection modules, which ensure against installing an incorrect module, are also integrated in the DEHNguard® SE H LI products.

If required, the protection modules can be easily replaced without tools by pressing the module release button of the protection modules. DEHNguard® SE H LI is also vibration and shock-tested to EN 60068-2.

In conjunction with a floating remote signalling changeover contact, the three-step visual indicator continually indicates the status of the surge protective device. If the varistor structure has been irreversibly altered by an increased energy load, the yellow indicator and the remote signalling contact show that it is advisable to replace the protection module before the installation becomes unprotected. The arrester is fully operational until the red indicator flag appears. This allows simple integration of the arrester in condition monitoring systems and preventive maintenance concepts (e.g. in case of offshore wind turbines).

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