Decades of Magnum Systems Reliable Packaging Machinery at L.D. Oliver Seeds

Decades of Magnum Systems Reliable Packaging Machinery at L.D. Oliver Seeds

Magnum Systems, Inc. (United States) - L.D. Oliver Seed Co., Inc produces turf seed blends and fertilizer in their Vermont facility established in 1971. Since then their production has grown to sustain nearly 20,000 lbs/day. Along the way they have invested in packaging machinery to meet customer demands for bagging and distributing their products in the Northeast.

In 1991 they invested in an electronic bagging scale and it is still in operation today! They bag their seed blends in 25-pound and 50-pound weighments on the TE-100, 5 days a week with majority of production taking place in the spring and summer months. “It’s easy to operate and we have been very pleased with it’s performance” - Operations Manager, Toby Larocque.

As they began to offer their GMF Fertilizer™ in 25-pound and 50-pound bags their satisfaction with the initial bagging machine for their grass seed blends made investing in an additional TE-100 bagging scale an easy decision. This one was supplied with stainless steel options to withstand the more corrosive product and bagging environment. “We have an additional TE-100 in our fertilizer plant that has lived there for nearly 15 years. We have replaced parts over the years due to wear of the product, but this bagger is put to the test daily and I’d say it’s a great machine” said Larocque.

8 years ago they started offering small packages of their seed blends and needed an additional machine to package their 3-pound and 7-pound bags. For these smaller weighments the Model TE-10J net-weigh bagging scale was proposed and purchased, it’s been in operation ever since. “Again, very reliable and trouble free” said Larocque. The TE-10J is a vibratory net-weigh filler, operates a “bulk / dribble” fill cycle and is extremely accurate. Its open design is easy to maintenance and integral weigh controller makes operation simple.

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